Safety Products: Face and Head Protection Products (101)

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Attention Supply My Lab Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Scienceware® Desi Can Reusable Desiccant Canister; 2 x 4 x ½ in.

    Ideal for desiccator cabinets Indicating Silica gel Can be regenerated Maintains low humidity level in 3 ft 3 of space Desi-Can effectively absorbs moisture through perforations in the aluminum case. Can be repeatedly regenerated by heating in a 150°C (300°F) oven for approximately 3 hours....

  • Desiccant 1 Unit, Pouch Size 3 x 4.5, 300 Pouches Per Pail

    When you need maximum dryness during transportation and storage of your sensitive SMDs, add desiccants to your vacuum-sealed package. Desiccant works by absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secure...

  • Full Or Half Face Shields

    Splash shield and short shield Lightweight yet strong Economical Provides maximum eye and face protection. A foam strip along the top edge of shield forms an impenetrable barrier against drips and aerosols from above. Soft Strap fastening system provides comfort without compromising user safety....

  • Desiccant Pack

    1g packs of desiccant ensure that DNA sampling cards remain dry during transport or storage, 100/pk. High vapor transmission rate Substrate is made with Tyvek® material Non-dusting, strong and hard to tear Cytiva products are intended for sale/shipment within the US only. International customers...

  • Face Shields

    ERB Industries, Inc.
  • Protecto Shield Prolok Headgear

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    Constructed of tough thermoplastic Heat resistant browguard Ratchet or positive snap headband adjustment Protecto Shield Prolok headgear is designed with a chemical splash drip edge to prevent fluids from splashing down inside the visor. Other features include tough thermoplastic construction, a...

  • Critical Cover® Coverall® Face Shields

    High performance splash protection Double-sided anti-fog virtually eliminates fogging Fast, easy to don Lightweight for ultimate comfort When you need total facial splash protection, choose the Coverall Face Shield. The face shield gives you great peripheral vision while acting as a shield against...

  • Face Shield, UV Blocking Other

    Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with UV light sources. The specially formulated plastic construction of the eyewear blocks ultraviolet transmission over all UV wave lengths. For additional protective eyewear, see Thomas numbers 5774F10 and 5774H48.

  • Thomas Humidity Sponge Regenerable/Indicator

    Non-toxic and ideal for clean rooms Retains 16% moisture guaranteed Indicator gel shows when moisture capacity has been reached Regenerable bags can be regenerated and reused Meet the requirements of the FDA for use in direct contact with food and drugs. Sponges are ideal for storing...

  • Mini Environmental Quality Meter

    For environmental testing anywhere. Combines a light meter, humidity meter, thermometer and anemometer into a single compact unit weighing only 51/2oz (160g). Own the equivalent of 4 meters for about the price of any one of them. Features dual display with low battery and over range indications,...

  • Faceshield Windows & Brackets

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    1233V89 faceshield window has a multi-fit attachment pattern. Pattern consists of 7 slots strategically located to fit a wide variety of headgear and brackets. Window is clear, die cut, flat, measures 8” x 15 1/2”, is 0.040 mm thick and is constructed from PET-G, copolyester. 1233V91 is...

  • Deluxe Bump Cap

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    Deluxe bump cap is well ventilated and lightweight for total wearer comfort. Bump cap has an HDPE shell, 4-point pin lock adjustment, deluxe suspension and is vented. Bump caps are not ANSI approved.

  • Denville® Biohazard Shields, Biohazard Shield Small (11.5W x 7.5D x 15H)

    Protect your staff and meet all the OSHA guidelines! Economical biohazard and splash protection Designed for easy use and viewing A great addition to a fume hood Skid-resistant feet

  • Desiccant Pak, 1 Unit, Pail

    Use Desiccant Pack in Moisture Barrier Bags to absorb moisture Reusable - Desiccant packs can be reactivated by oven drying MIL-D-3464 Desiccant Regeneration Instructions Lead-free RoHS compliant 300 packs per pail Made in the United States of America Specifications 13844 Desiccant packs meet...

  • Polycarbonate Faceshields

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Wear the adjustable Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polycarbonate Faceshield over safety glasses. With an optically clear window made of 1/16" (1.5mm) thick polycarbonate, this faceshield provides impact protection as well as protection from UV light in the 200-360nm range. It is...

  • Kimtech™ M3 Face Masks (62484), Pouch-Style, 2 Knit Headbands, Double Bag, White, One Size, 200 Masks / Case, 20 / Bag, 10 Bags

    Kimtech™ M3 Face Masks (62484), Pouch-Style, 2 Knit Headbands, Double Bag, White, One Size, 200 Masks / Case, 20 / Bag, 10 Bags

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