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  • Mini-Container Jars For Blenders

    Stainless steel container and base with snap-fit plastic cover Three sizes cover a load of 12 to 250 mL Usable on standard size Waring Blenders Removable 4-blade stainless steel cutting propeller is secured in jar by a standard unit

  • BagRack® Storage Racks for Bags

    The BagRack® bag holder allows for clean and methodical storage of bags (closed for example by BagClip®). BagRack® is made of stainless steel and is stackable and autoclavable.

  • Two-Speed Motorized Drive Units For Blenders

    3392B25 Drive Unit is for 120 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 0.4-hp, with 3-wire cord and plug; as supplied with Thomas number 3390D25 blender, takes 3392D07 series glass jars. 3392B35 Drive Unit is for 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 0.7-hp, with 3-wire cord, but no plug; as supplied with Thomas number 3390D35 blender, takes...

  • Blender Lextra 2 Speed

    This versatile two-speed blender is perfect for for general laboratory work and more. 2-speed ultra heavy-duty motor and blade Push-button controls easy to use and easy to find in dimly lit locations. Epoxy-coated motor housing Stainless steel container with handle and two-piece vinyl and tyrene lid

  • Pro Prep Chopper Grinder

    Separate bowl assemblies for chopping and grinding 3/4 quart, see-through work bowls High-speed, 2-pole induction motor Dishwasher safe blades, bowls and covers Stackable bowls for compact storage The chopping assembly consists of a work bowl with a two-blade hub designed for thorough, fast and...

  • Triple Mix Paddle Blender

    The Boekel Scientific Triple Mix Paddle Blender features 3 easy to remove paddles to ensure the appropriate circulation for blending your samples. This unit also features 3 programmable speeds and times along with an Auto-Run feature for those high volume laboratories. Product Features Three paddle...

  • Blender Base Unit
  • 1-Liter Laboratory Blenders

    With Timer Capacity: 1 Liter/1.2 Liter Switch Settings: Two Speed, 60 Second Mechanical Timer Base: Epoxy Coated Motor Housing Container: Stainless steel with handle and two piece vinyl and styrene lid. Heat resistant glass with handle and two piece vinyl and styrene lid. Overall Height: 15...

  • Stomacher® 400 Circulator Lab Blender

    The world’s leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists Enhanced organism recovery over square paddles Durable & reliable, designed for consistent use The gold standard in laboratory blenders No cross contamination between samples Simple to clean and requires minimal...

  • Single-Speed Food Blender with 40-oz. Glass Container

    1/2 HP commercial motor Toggle switch design – easy to use and easy to find in dimly lit locations Durable, epoxy powder-coated zinc die-cast white housing with classic waterfall design 40-oz. glass container with stainless steel blade Easily removable container cover with removable clear...

  • BagOpen® Bag Openers

    Open easily the sample bag without any contact with the sample or use it as a bag holder to keep any bag open. BagOpen is not autoclavable.

  • Standard Size Borosilicate Glass Jars For Blenders

    Capacity 1,250 mL ; with integral glass handle 3392D07 glass jar includes cover and 3392E05 blade unit for Waring blenders with both 0.4 and 0.7-HP motors 3392D26 glass jar is without cover or blade unit

  • Standard Size Blade Unit For 0.4 H.P. Waring Blenders

    With three-blade cutting propeller of stainless steel; other metal parts in contact with sample are or corrosion-resistant, chromium-plated brass Complete with bearings, nuts and Neoprene gaskets Overall diameter of cutting blades at widest point is 2 1/4”

  • BagClip® Closing Clips

    BagClip® temporarily closes all types of bags, avoiding intermediary weldings. Thanks to the three-point closing system, closing is quick, water- and air-tight. BagClip® 80/100 mL For 100 mL bags Size: 9 x 4 x 19 cm BagClip® 400 mL For 400 mL bags Size: 10 x 8 x 25 cm BagClip® 3500...

  • Container 1L SS With Lid

    Stainless steel container with handle with outstanding durability Container has a two piece vinyl and styrene lid and stainless steel blades For use with Waring 700, 7015, 7011, CB10, CB15 models Fits the AD1 and AD2 adapters 32-ounce capacity

  • Stomacher® 3500 Series

    The Stomacher® 3500 Series is a versatile range of tools for large volume blending and extraction, where all the washing solution or solvent needs to be retained for analysis. 400-3500ml volume samples Trichinella testing Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing Bioburden testing of garments and...

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