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  • Universal Blast Burner

    This bleeder valve unit provides small needle-sized to large brush flame patterns for fusing ore, working Pyrex and soft glasses, and performing other high-temperature melting applications. Extremely accurate flame direction, from three interchangeable burner tips, a telescoping mixing tube sleeve,...

  • Burner Alcohol Dual-Wick

    GSC International, Inc.

    This all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner has a tank capacity of 100ml. The 'wick' portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for a constant flame. The burner is fueled by high-quality alcohol which can be found in most local hardware stores (not drug...

  • Shurlite Friction Gas Lighter

    Employs flint to produce a spark when snapped across rasp Rasp can be turned for fresh surface Zinc-plated hood traps gas for ready ignition Overall length 203 mm (8.1”). 

  • General Purpose Tirril Burners

    These noiseless burners provide a clear flame of any desired height from 1/2" (12.7mm) to 12" (305mm), with separate control of both flame temperature and flame length. The burners incorporate threaded aluminum air control sleeves and precision machined, fine-pitch brass needle valves with...

  • Alcohol Lamp

    135 ml capacity Conical, low profile design is more stable and much safer than glass alcohol lamps Supplied with snuffer cap and one extra wick Height: 8.9 cm (31⁄2") Diameter: 10.2 cm (4") Two Way Lamp Stand Used to vary distance between heated vessel and alcohol lamp Height is 10.2...

  • Beaker Handle Kit - Placeholder Image

    Adjustable Band Clamp Kit for making a great carrying handle on beakers of all sizes.

  • Bunsen Burner, Tirril

    United Scientific Supplies

    Natural Gas with Flame Stabilizer Tirril Bunsen Burner

  • Wheaton Alcohol Burner

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Ground glass cap Wheaton 400 borosilicate glass Supplied with glass stopper This burner, manufactured from soda-lime glass, is designed for use with isopropyl or denatured ethyl alcohol. Its low-heat flame is well suited for microscopy purposes. The unit is supplied with a ground glass stopper. The...

  • High-Temperature Burners

    When an extremely hot flame is required, these Meker-type burners form uniform blue cones of intese heat with no backflashes. Onepiece, nickel-plated venturi tube. Die cast, zinc alloy, nickel plated octagonal base. *Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water Column Pressures for...

  • Sterimax Electrical Sterilizer

    Stainless steel design Long-lasting double tube system Sterilization period 5-7 seconds Self-locking angular adjustment The electrical sterilization system SteriMax is most suitable for the sterilization of inoculation loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboratories and safety cabinets...

  • Ring Burner


    The Humboldt Ring Burner features an improved design that puts the guide pins on the inside circumference so that the burner remains equidistantly around the still. A Fletcher attachment regulates the gas and air. The overall shank length is 11" (279mm), ID is 4-3/4".

  • Fuego SCS pro

    Safety enhanced laboratory gas burner, battery operated with touch free IR-sensor and button function. Innovative technology that thinks with you! Fuego SCS pro with new functions & graphic display The Fuego SCS pro represents a new status among laboratory gas burners. The Fuego SCS Pro provides...

  • Pipe Mounting-Type Burner

    Designed for pipe mounting, this burner features a flame stabilizer and a stopcock for gas control. A 1/8" NPT nipple is mounted below the stopcock for pipe mounting. Specifications: Gas type: Natural and LP Inlet OD: 1/8" NPT CFH*: 5.5 BTU Output*: 5,637.5 Overall Height: 6-1/2"...

  • FireStar™ Bunsen Burners

    Argos Technologies

    The Argos FireStar™ units are compact, safe and versatile Bunsen burners that operate with either house gas or disposable gas cartridges. The FireStar features UV resistant stainless steel housing and a removable burner head for easy cleaning. The dual knobs for adjusting gas and air flow...

  • Fuego SCS


    The laboratory gas burners for greater security with non-contact IR sensor and functions. The Fuego SCS represents a new class among laboratory gas burners. With its innovative design and the extensive standard equipment, this laboratory gas burner is suitable for all flame related applications in...

  • Self-Starting Micro Torch Burner

    Small, portable, lightweight unit with built-in piezoelectric crystal for ignition Operates on butane gas Maximum flame temperature 1,300°C (2,400°F) Flame lasts up to two hours on a full charge of butane; reservoir capacity 26 grams Flame adjusted by means of needle valve and gas flow...

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