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  • SYNTHWARE Stainless Steel Pinch Clamps

    Pinch Clamp, Stainless Steel, Synthware, Various sizes available.

  • SYNTHWARE Stainless Steel Joint Springs

    Joint Spring, Stainless Steel, Synthware, Coil Length: 6.35, 25.0 and 32.0mm available.

  • SYNTHWARE Glass Cutter

    Kemtech America

    With rack on shank for breaking off single or double strength glass, extra large natural diamond for durability.

  • SYNTHWARE Clamp Bosshead

    Clamp Bosshead, Synthware, For rods up to 15mm diameter, chrome plated finishwith plastic headed screws.

  • SYNTHWARE Thermometer Clamp

    Thermometer Clamp, Synthware, Extension Rod Diameter: 10mm, Overall length: 200mm.

  • SYNTHWARE Chain Clamp

    Kemtech America

    Chain Clamp, Synthware, For diameter from 80mm to 150mm, with chain and spring.

  • SYNTHWARE Three-Finger Dual-Adjustable Clamps

    Manufactured from chrome-plated zinc alloy, with PVC coated prongs.

  • SYNTHWARE Four-Finger Clamps

    Clamp, Four Finger, Synthware, Accepts articles up to 80mm, Die cast alloy with Ni/Cr plated finish and cork lined interlocking jaws.

  • SYNTHWARE Joint Clamps

    Kemtech America

    Joint Clamp, Standard Taper, Plastic, Synthware, Various Joint Sizes Available.

  • Aluminum Support Jacks

    Kemtech America

    Aluminum support jack. various sizes.

  • SYNTHWARE Horseshoe-Style Clamps

    Horseshoe Style Clamp, Synthware, Available for 57mm or 80mm flange sizes, manufactured from aluminum with black epoxy coating.

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