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  • High Performance Automatic Crimping Tools

    Wheaton High Performance Crimping Tool is designed with inter-changeable jaws, so that you only need one tool and purchase the size crimper and decappers needed for your laboratory. The jaw sets are available as crimper and decappers which fit standard lab vials seals with aluminum or two-part...

  • Crimpers and De-Crimpers

    National Scientific

    National Scientific crimpers, de-crimpers and decapping pliers are available for 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, 20mm, 28mm, 30mm and 32mm standard crimp seals. Crimpers for flip-off seals are available for 13mm and 20mm closures.

  • SAFE® Cap 1 Channel Manual Capper / Decapper / Picker with eject function for SBS 96XT

    Easy capping, decapping and picking of single tubes out of a rack. Enables end-to-end handling (picking / rejection / decapping / capping) without direct contact with hands thus, minimizes the risk of contamination and heat transfer

  • Electronic Crimping Tools - Placeholder Image

    Battery-powered electronic crimping tools for 11 mm and 20 mm aluminium crimp caps (not suitable for 20 mm magnetic / bi-metal crimp caps) Mobile tools for consistent and reproducible crimping results Crimping pressure adjustable by pushing +/– buttons of the control unit on top of the tool...

  • E-Z Crimper™

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Used to attach aluminum seals to bottles and vials with a crimp/serum finish Cushioned ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue Labeled for quick size identification Polished crimping jaws provide consistent sealing The 11mm E-Z Crimper™ is supplied with a plunger insert to give the option of...

  • E-Z Decapper™

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    13 mm jaw size Ergonomic handle E-Z Decappers offer a new cushioned ergonomic handle design that reduces hand fatigue and provides a high degree of comfort for the user. Other features include polished crimping jaws for consistent sealing, a short handle and a redesigned spring assembly that further...

  • FluidX XSD-1 Semi-Automatic Single Tube Capper/Decapper

    The XSD-1 is the first-of-its-kind single tube capper/decapper in the industry, providing a low-cost, reliable solution for managing the automated capping and decapping of single larger sized master sample tubes such as centrifuge, cell culture and even glass tubes Compatible with variety of tube...

  • FluidX™ XTP-1 Manual Single Tube Pickers

    Manual Tube Pickers allow for one-handed removal of sample tubes or cryo tubes from a rack. Incorporate an eject button to allow pick and place operations. Avoids contact with the tube. Minimizes the risk of heating a frozen sample and possible cross contamination. FluidX XTP-1 96 format manual...

  • Crimper/Decappers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    These crimpers are used for flip cap seals and for aluminum seals sizes 16.5, 28.5, and 30mm. Not autoclavable.

  • SAFE® Cap 8 Channel Capper HH, 96XT, semiauto, decper/caper

    Semi-automated hand-held capper/decapper with ergonomic design Reliably decaps and caps eight tubes in parallel Stable stand for storage of device and contamination-free parking of screw caps Eight individual motors for precise application of 7 Ncm torque for tube closure Capping/Decapping 8 tubes...

  • AutoCapper


    The new AutoCapper from Porvair Sciences has been designed to take the strain out of applying friction sealing caps to deep well plates and tube racks. Simply place your rack or plate with its attendant cap mat in the drawer and push it firmly shut. The sophisticated electronics take over, applying...

  • Crimper/Decapper

    J.G. Finneran

    High quality construction for durability and long life.  Textured handle surface provides an assured grip. Adjustable stop accommodates a wide range of cap thicknesses for optimal sealing performance.

  • IntelliXcap Automated Screw Cap Decapper, 24-format, compatible with validated sample storage tubes and cartridges

    Azenta products are intended for sale/shipment within the US , Canada, and Latin America only. All other International customers should contact their local Azenta distributor to place orders for Azenta products.

  • Battery-Powered Automatic Crimping Tools

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Wheaton battery powered crimpers and decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or twopart aluminum/steel caps. The electronically adjustable cycle is accurate and reproducible and can be adjusted with the control pad on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to...

  • Ergonomic Crimper/Decapper, 20mm

    Chromatography Research Supplies

    The CRS 20mm manual crimpers/ decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum caps. The CRS 20mm manual flip off crimpers are specially designed to crimp flip off caps.  The ergonomic curved handle provides more hand comfort during use compared to metal grip designs. The bottom...

  • Crimpers And Decappers

    Hand-operated with adjustable stop Cushion grip for user comfort Economical and durable Remove seals quickly and easily Crimpers: Attach aluminum caps and seals to bottles for lab scale production. Decappers: To remove a seal, place decapper on seal and squeeze handles together.

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