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  • 3L Gas Scrubber

    Laboratory scale gas scrubber for use in many air and exhaust cleanup tasks. The 3 liter is a compact design and will fit into any laboratory hood, or can be used in walk in hoods when assembled on our CG-1951-100 mobile or CG-1950-100 bench-top reactor stands. Gas scrubbing takes place when the...

  • PYREX Gas Washing Tubes

    Consisting of glass tube 8 mm outside diameter with fritted cylinder, 12 mm diameter, fused onto the lower end; overall length, 250 mm Offered in extra coarse (EC) and coarse (C) porosities

  • Fyrite® Classic Combustion Analyzers

    The Fyrite® Classic series includes fast, easy to use instruments for measuring carbon dioxide or oxygen. The units, while looking very similar, differ in construction and absorbing fluid. Each model is suitable for only the particular gas and measurement range for which it was manufactured....

  • DRIERITE Gas Purifier

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    This DRIERITE Gas Purifier is specially designed for gas chromatography and other applications requiring dry, pure gas. It will dry, purify, and filter gases used for chromatography and spectrometry. The purifier is filled with Indicating DRIERITE and 5A Molecular Sieves for the removal of moisture,...

  • Laboratory Gas Drying Units

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    The DRIERITE Laboratory Air and Gas Drying unit is an all-purpose drier. This unit is suitable for most laboratory applications. It will dry air to a dew point of -100° F at atmospheric pressure or pressures up to 90 psig. A simple connection by rubber hose to the bottom inlet of the dryer...

  • Gas Cylinder Clamps

    Bench-Mounted Clamp (5592C10) Safety holder of cast aluminum for securing tanks 102 to 356 mm in diameter to bench or table in upright position Large cross-handle knob, which is easily turned by hand to tighten the clamping screw Large diameter rubber foot on screw prevents slipping and does not...

  • 20L Gas Scrubber

    Laboratory scale gas scrubber for use in many air and exhaust cleanup tasks. Gas scrubbing takes place when the exhaust enters the inlet in the round bottom flask and travels upward through the absorption column. The scrubbing fluid is pumped from the round bottom flask upwards into the shower head...

  • Indoor Air Quality, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Meter

    The CO240 measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Air Temperature and Humidity, as well as Dew Point and Wet Bulb calculations. The user settable high alarm with audible beeper is perfect for conducting a quick check of CO2 level to help adjust the environmental conditions in an enclosed area, such as a...

  • Scienceware® Gas Dispersion Tubes

    Features Fritware® Porous Polyethylene Disc High-density polyethylene bell-mouthed fitting with a sealed-in, coarse porosity polyethylene disc at the large end results in smaller bubbles. 30.5cm long (12") x 6.35mm ID (1/4") low-density polyethylene tube is fitted to the other end...

  • DRIERITE Mini-Dehumidifier

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    The DRIERITE Mini-Dehumidifier is designed for the static absorption of moisture in closed containers of up to 6 cubic feet in volume. It meets the demand for a convenient, safe and efficient drying unit for the analytical balance or other small closed compartments, such as reagent storage cabinets,...

  • Indoor CO/CO2 Meter Datalogging Meter

    The Extech CO260 monitors indoor air quality for Carbon Monoxide (CO)and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels. In high concentrations these gases can affect the health and well-being of people and pets. Monitor CO2 levels in schools, office buildings, greenhouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, transportation...

  • Gas Washing Tubes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Choice of coarse or extra coarse porosity cylinder Gas dispersion tube has a hollow fritted cylinder at the end of the tube. Cylinder height x o.d.: 24 x 13 mm. stem diameter: 8 mm. Overall height: 250 mm

  • Gas Dispersion Tube, Micro, Fritted

    Micro size gas dispersion tube having a frit 7mm O.D. x 12mm. Stem is 6mm O.D. x 100mm long.

  • Gas Dispersion Tubes

    Large capacity gas dispersion tube having a frit 25mm O.D. x 70mm long. Stem is 16mm O.D. x 200 mm above the frit. Overall length is approximately 280mm.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter

    With the CO15, checking CO levels is as easy as pushing just 1 button on the model CO15, which measures up to 999ppm. An audible alarm indicator will continuously beep starting at 25ppm (preset warning level - value can be adjusted) and the display will flash until the CO level goes down to normal...

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