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  • Liner, 2 mm dimpled deactivated

    Liner, 2 mm dimpled deactivated

  • Oxygen/Moisture Traps

    Agilent Technologies

    Oxygen/moisture adsorbents team up to give you two functionalities in the same trap Optimized for maximum surface area and capacity Leak-free, one-piece design (tested to 2000 psi) Bed material treated with ultra-high purity helium Filter design: prevents channeling, promotes efficient scrubbing For...

  • Amicon Ultra-15 Centrifugal Filter Unit

    Provides both ultra-fast spin times and ultra-high recoveries Amicon Ultra centrifugal filter units are the first devices to provide both ultra-fast spin times and ultra-high recoveries (typically >90%). The vertical membrane reduces concentration polarization for spin times as fast as...

  • Topaz 3.4mm ID Precision Inlet Liner with Top Taper w/ Wool for Bruker/Varian GCs, equipped with 1078/1079 inlets

    Topaz GC inlet liners feature revolutionary technology and inertness to deliver you the next level of True Blue Performance: Deactivation —unbelievably low breakdown for accurate and precise low-level GC analyses Reproducibility —unbeatable manufacturing controls and QC testing for...

  • UFC710008


    This centrifugal filter enables the concentration of proteins with a membrane NMWL of 100 kDa. Centricon centrifugal filters are ideal for concentrating & desalting proteins in sample volumes from 15 to 70mL. Centricon Plus-70 centrifugal filter is a disposable, single-use device designed for...

  • Economy Indicating Refillable Moisture Traps

    Agilent Indicating Moisture Traps are designed to remove water, oil, and organics from gases employed in, but not limited to, gas chromatography. Refillable moisture traps are constructed from Lexan brand polycarbonate tubing. Lightweight, chemically resistant and of superior strength when compared...

  • SMWP04700


    This 47 mm MF-Millipore membrane is composed of mixed cellulose membrane & has a 5.0 um pore size. With biologically inert mixtures of cellulose acetate & cellulose nitrate, MF-Millipore membranes are widely used in analytical/research applications.

  • Agilent Technologies GC Inlet Liners

    Deactivated Liners for Agilent 5890, 6850,  6890, 7890,  and HP4890

  • High Flow Connecting Unit (1/4 in)

    High Flow Connecting Unit (1/4 in)

  • Pure Chromatography Systems

    Fitting to your needs and environment The Pure chromatography instruments are extremly compact, ensure safety on the highest level and are easy to use for any flash or prep HPLC application. The platform has been designed to protect you and your sample and to get more purification in a very...

  • Amicon Ultra-0.5, Ultracel-100 Membrane, 100 kDa

    Concentrates 500 µL down to 15 µL Concentration factor 25 x to 30 x High sample recovery (greater than 90% of dilute starting solution) Fast processing time - 10 to 30 minutes Consistent recoveries thanks to the reverse spin capability Reverse spin capability provides consistent...

  • 1-position Connecting Unit 1/4 in

    1-position Connecting Unit 1/4 in

  • Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 0.75mm ID

    Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 0.75mm ID

  • Liner UI split frit goosnck 4mm 5pk V-B

    Liner UI split frit goosnck 4mm 5pk V-B

  • Liner,splitless,taper,wool, 100/pk

    Liner,splitless,taper,wool, 100/pk

  • Agilent Choice Liners

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent’s engineering and testing efforts focus on these parameters when designing liners for Agilent inlet systems. Intensive liner development and testing have resulted in a set of liners that are recommended whenever new methods are being developed, when methods are being optimized, or when...

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