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  • Ferrules for Agilent 5890, 6890 and 6850 Instruments

    Wide range of choices for a wide range of instruments and applications Thermo Scientific ferrules are available in three different materials and various dimensions to match the instrument and capillary column ID. The choice of material is dependent upon the use. 15% Graphite/85% Vespel Ferrules The...

  • Flex-Column Economy Chromatography Columns

    Ideal for use with gel filtration, ion exchange, affinity and adsorption media Economical Easy to use Universal fittings and tubing connections Ideal for use with gel filtration, ion exchange, affinity and adsorption media. Polypropylene reservoirs and column outlets are permanently connected to a...

  • Liquid chromatography columns Luer Lock, Non-jacketed, bed volume 8 mL, I.D. × L 1.0 cm × 10 cm

    All of the columns listed below are constructed of borosilicate glass. Four different fixed bed length configurations are available: Luer Lock, non-jacketed: constructed with fixed polypropylene end caps, polyethylene bed supports, and Luer Lock inlet and outlet fittings. The Luer Lock connections...

  • Cadmium Reduction Column

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This column features all borosilicate glass construction with an 85 mL reservoir The glass wool plug and PTFE tubing at the bottom of the column are held securely in place by a BEVEL-SEAL™ connection, facilitating easy cleaning and assembly PTFE BEVEL-SEAL™ stopcock connector is included...

  • QIAquick Spin Columns (100) - Placeholder Image

    For DNA fragment purification from PCR, gel fragments and enzymatic reactions

  • Disposable Chromatography Columns

    Columns are for use in general chromatographic work for extraction of components, with special applications in isoenzyme and protein studies, hemoglobin fractionation and desalting. Chromatography columns are precision-molded in 5 ? and 7 ? sizes from premium-grade, chemically inert plastics....

  • Butyl 300A 5um Column
  • J'Sphere M80 80A 4um Column
  • J'Sphere H80 80A 4um Column
  • Triart C18 120A 3um Column
  • TraceGOLD TG-1MS GC Columns

    Exceptionally low bleed for optimal signal-to-noise ratio, sensitivity and mass spec integrity Non-polar, 100% dimethyl polysiloxane Equivalent to USP G2 Applications: Hydrocarbons PCBs Drugs of abuse Gasoline range organics (GRO) Refinery gases Essential oils Pesticides Similar to: Rxi-1ms, DB-1,...

  • Adjusta-chrom, Recycling Column, Jacketed

    Jacketed, adjustable bed chromatographic column used for recycling, ascending descending applications. Completely jacketed for better temperature uniformity with single bushing at each end allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the PTFE plunger. the 25-50 micron porous glass disc gives rapid flow...

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