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  • Digital Dry Block Heaters

    Exceptional temperature uniformity and stability Optional external temperature probe Holds interchangeable modular blocks Designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. These multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures,...

  • LSE™ Single Blocks

    For use with Corning® LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Heaters, Single Block.

  • isoBlock™ Digital Dry Baths

    Benchmark Scientific

    The new IsoBlock from Benchmark contains two isolated block chambers. Each chamber is controlled independently, allowing the dry bath to serve as two dry baths in one. The hinged (and removeable) lid is designed with a dividing wal, when the lid is closed this dividing wall acts as a barrie,...

  • Blocks For Dry Bath Incubators

    For dry block heaters Machined and fabricated from solid aluminum Anodized to resist oxidation Rows and columns are labeled on appropriate blocks for easy vessel identification Each block module measures 3" x 3 3/4 " x 2". See Thomas numbers 5152M65 to M75 for additional blocks.

  • Blocks for Thermolyne Dri-Baths

    Aluminum alloy blocks, overall 4" x 3" x 2" high. Each block has a single, smaller bore well for thermometer; number of tubes and diameter shown below.

  • Lab Armor Bead Block - Single

    An Aluminum Single Block filled with Lab Armor Beads. Capacity: 0.25L and 0.50L of Beads, Thermal Uniformity: 'At 95°C to +/- 1.0°c w/Lid. LxWxH: 3.25 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (8.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm). Variety of Colors.

  • QBD / QBA / QBH Series Dry Block Heating Systems

    The Grant QBD / QBH series are a versatile range of high quality digital dry block heating systems with excellent temperature control and a wide choice of interchangeable blocks for maximum flexibility. The outstanding performance of the QBD / QBH series is based on advanced digital temperature...

  • Flat Bock for 96 or 384 Well Plate, Microscope Slides

    CTI’s Digital Dry Baths are microprocessor controlled with an automatic PID temperature control program, providing accurate and uniform temperature distribution on the thermal block. These Digital Dry Baths are ideal tools for a wide variety of life science, clinical and general chemistry...

  • LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Heaters

    The Corning Digital Dry Bath Heaters are available in single, dual, and four block configurations and provide a broad temperature range up to 150°C, which makes them useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories. They...

  • OptiTherm® Aluminum Reaction/Heating Blocks

    OptiTherm® aluminum reaction / heating blocks provide a SAFE and cost effective solution for replacing your existing oil baths and heating mantles. The innovative PTFE shield on the unit reduces the exterior exposed surface temperature by as much as 100°C. For example the PTFE shield would...

  • Reaction Heating Blocks, NMR, 10 Position, 5mm NMR Tubes

    Features: Offers a Clean and Safe Alternative for Heating NMR Tubes in Oil Baths. Eliminates Hassle of removing Oil Residue from Outside of the NMR Tubes.  Aluminum Construction Offers Excellent Heat Transfer. Ideal for Performing Kinetics Studies Where you run a standard reaction in NMR...

  • Digital and Touchscreen Dry Bath Accessories

    Get maximum flexibility for your Thermo Scientific™ Dry Baths/Block Heaters with a variety of accessories for any application.

  • Cool Block, Double, 96 Well PCR Plates/Tubes

    Similar to our CLS-3620, but made to hold 2 each 96 well PCR plates and PCR tubes. Because of its two tray design, transferring from one PCR plate to the other or process two different plates at once. Dimensions are 6.2” x 6.7” x 1”.

  • SCILOGEX LED Digital Dry-Bath

    The SCILOGEX HB120-S LED Digital Dry Bath is ideal for molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories, including melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture media tests,...

  • Analog Dry Block Heaters

    Multi-purpose use Holds interchangeable modular blocks Analog controls High wattage, constant-temperature Dry Block Heaters are economical, versatile and compact. These multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points and...

  • Heat Transfer Block - Microscale

    Aluminum heat transfer block, 9594-12 for use in place of a glass sand bath in Microscale experiments. Offers excellent heat transfer and will not interfere with magnetic stirring. Block has four holes for vials and one hole for thermometers. 9594-16 for use on top of stirrer-hot plate to effect...

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