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Magnifier Scales

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For use with Hastings Triplet Measuring Magnifier (6383D50)

  • Glass, with peripheral metallic coating

6383D60 Scale permits measurements of radii, angles, size and line widths. Graduated from 1/8 to 5/8 inch radii in 1/32 inch radii intervals, from 0° to 90° angles in 1° intervals, from 0 to 0.5 inch in 0.005 inch intervals and from 0 to 10 mm in 0.1 mm intervals. In addition, it has hairlines 0.001 inch, 0.002 inch and 0.003 inch wide.

6383D65 Scale is graduated from 0 to 0.75 inch in 0.005 inch intervals.

6383D70 Scale is graduated from 0 to 20 mm in 0.1 mm intervals.

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Metric Scale (Glass), measures 20.0mm at 0.1mm intervals

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