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  • SeaSpray U-Series Nebulizer 1mL/min

    Material: Borosilicate glass High physical reproducibility ~ 1%, TDS tolerance, typically up to 20%, High tolerance to particulates, typically up to 75um, Low RSD's due to highly accurate construction

  • PTFE Capillary Tubing

    PFA sample capillary 0. 062 o. d. x 0. 020 i. d. in (1. 59mm x 0. 5mm)60cm length. For use with P/N WE024372 connector.

  • Nebulizers And Nebulizer Supplies

    Agilent Technologies products are intended for sale/shipment within the US only. International customers should contact their local Agilent Technologies distributor to place orders for Agilent Technologies products.

  • GemCone High Dissolved Solids Nebulizer

    High solids Gem Cones are for samples with high dissolved solids (up to 20%). This cone spray nebulizer allows you to analyze samples with higher solids concentration than is possible with a Cross-Flow nebulizer. Gem Cone nebulizers require an end cap for use with Ryton Scott Spray Chambers. High...

  • Adapter Tubing GemTip Nebulizer

    Used to connect capillary tubing (Product Number: 09908265) to Cross-flow nebulizers, and to larger i.d. peristaltic pump tubing.

  • Concentric Glass Nebulizer, MEINHARD Type C

    The MEINHARD® concentric glass nebulizer reflects exacting standards in design and manufacturing. Its advantages include simplicity of design and operation, reproducible and self-aligning aerosol, and close fabrication control. For use with high dissolved solids solutions.

  • GemTip Cross-Flow II Tip Kits

    The Tip Kit includes a clear sapphire sample tip and a red ruby argon tip. The tips are constructed of PEEK with the gem inserts noted for maximum corrosion resistance.

  • PEEK Mira Mist Nebulizer 0.2-2.5 mL/min Uptake Rate for Avio 200/500 and Optima 2x00/3x00/4x00/5x00/7x00 DV/8x00

    The PEEK Mira Mist ® nebulizer produces excellent mist and can handle high level of particulates in sample. Fits regular spray chambers as a direct replacement for glass concentric nebulizers. Its features include standard pressure (45 psi), low sample flow and enhanced parallel path design.

  • SeaSpray U-Series Nebulizer 0.4mL/min

    SeaSpray U-Series Nebulizer 0.4mL/min

  • CTFE Liquid Fitting - male

    CTFE Liquid fitting - male with barb end

  • MicroMist Nebulizer 0.6 mL/min Uptake Rate for Avio 200/500 and Optima 3x00 XL/3000 SCX/DV Series/8x00

    The MicroMist ™ micro-uptake glass concentric nebulizer offers high performance for limited sample volumes. MicroMists with sample uptakes 0.2 – 0.6 mL/min are fitted with a UniFit connector with 1.3 mm O.D. x 0.50 mm I.D. x 700 mm long sample tubing (N0777513). MicroMists with sample uptakes 0.05 –...

  • GemCone Low-Flow Nebulizer for Optima DV/V/8x00 Series/Avio 200/500

    The GemCone low-flow nebulizer permits lower nebulizer flow rates, useful for spectral lines with high excitation energies and for providing a more robust plasma. The nebulizer is optimized for low nebulizer gas flow for use with cyclonic spray chambers. It requires an end cap (N0680504) for use...



  • ICP-OES Nebulizers

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent offers a wide range of concentric and microconcentric glass nebulizers to facilitate sample introduction for a variety of ICP-OES measurements. Nebulizer styles can accommodate samples with up to 20% total dissolved solids (TDS) and slurry samples containing more than 20% total dissolved...

  • 100 µL/min PFA MicroFlow Nebulizer, Carbon fiber probe, 100 cm long

    This nebulizer self-aspirates at low-flow rates with any autosampler and provides the same benefits of the PFA MicroFlow nebulizer. The integrated sampling probe is constructed by encapsulating a rigid support material between layers of PFA to provide a chemically-resistant probe that is...

  • CTFE Liquid Fitting - female

    CTFE Liquid fitting - female with barb end

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