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InnuPure C16 touch

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The InnuPure C16 is a flexible and efficient extraction system for fully automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids from up to 16 samples in parallel. The system can process a wide range of starting materials and combines a unique liquid handling method with extremely fast processing. Pre-installed application protocols eliminate time-consuming programming tasks. Extraction routines include pre-programed protocols, optimized for different starting materials.

Labor-intensive sample lysis steps are no longer necessary, as they are now incorporated into the automated extraction process.

The fully automatic magnetic particle separation process is carried out in the wells of the plastic extraction vessels for virtually zero contamination. After the starting material is introduced into the isolation process, the necessary reagents are automatically pipetted to the sample and then removed by pipette tip. Once the nucleic acids are bound to magnetic particles, they collect at the bottom of the wells and, depending on the routine in use, are resolubilized by pipetting them in and out in an optimized process. Finally, the DNA and/or RNA are eluted into separate, capped elution tubes for direct storage or other applications. The extraction principle also efficiently prevents the cross contamination that can occur in vacuum-based purification methods.

The InnuPure C16 is controlled by a large 10" touchscreen display. Scientists can check the real-time status of the current extraction procedure and follow each routine. Furthermore, the system’s USB interface makes it easy to update software and upload new isolation protocols.

Pre-filled extraction kits (refer to the innuPREP kits for IPC16), adapted to the InnuPure C16, allow users to process forensic samples and isolate genomic DNA and viral or bacterial nucleic acids. These kits are ideal for efficiently isolating high-quality nucleic acids with no contamination. All kits are ready for use and optimized for different starting materials and quantities.

The nucleic acids to be isolated are then adsorbed onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles whose surfaces are specially adapted for this purpose. The required extraction chemistry is optimized for the application at hand, allowing users to isolate high yields of very pure nucleic acids.

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