PLUM Personal Eye Wash Solutions

Fast, Effective First Aid for the Eyes

Despite eye protection and other safety precautions, over 2000 eye injuries a day occur in American workplaces. Many are from foreign substances entering the eye.

Even if you have hard plumbed eye wash stations, personal eye wash solutions designed to rinse debris from the eye can supplement and provide important first aid that maximizes safety for all workers and minimizes lost time due to injury.

PLUM Advanced Eye Wash Solutions Offer Fast, Effective Relief!

  • Twist open tops with flexible eye cups for accurate dispensing
  • Sterile Saline or pH Neutralizing solution for accidents involving acids or alkalis
  • Belt Bags let mobile workers keep eye wash close at hand

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Eye Wash Tips

  • Make sure all workers are aware of where eye wash stations are located, how to use eye wash equipment, and procedures for contacting first aid help. Review regularly and make it part of new employee orientation. The time when eye wash is needed is the time for action, not training.
  • Have workers who travel from site to site or work outside? If they use safety glasses, they should probably be carrying personal eye wash too. PLUM Belt Bags make it easy.
  • Most eye washes are a saline solution designed to mimic human tears and work well for rinsing debris and foreign substances from the eye. For accidents involving acids, alkalis, or other chemicals, PLUM pH neutralizing solutions have proven more effective because they quickly neutralize the pH of the eye, not just dilute the substance.
  • An eye cup can significantly aid in effective rinsing of the eye by helping to keep the eye open and targeting solution into the eye. All PLUM Eye Wash bottles feature twist open tops with built-in flexible eye cups. Important weep holes drain contaminants away from the eye.
  • Begin flushing as soon as an accident occurs and as recommended by ANSI for a minimum of 15 minutes. Always follow-up with professional care.
  • All eye wash should be replaced after it is opened to avoid contamination. Do not keep partial bottles.
  • Check the expiration dates for your bottles and replace with fresh bottles as needed. PLUM Eye Wash solutions have a three-year shelf life from date of manufacture and require no on-going maintenance.
  • Keep it clean! Even though bottles have dust caps and many stations have covers, keep everything as dust free and clean as possible. You don’t want to risk eye contamination by having to use dirty first aid supplies.


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