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  • Standard Duty Dry Oilless Vacuum Pumps

    Economical Oil Free Adjustable Vacuum / Pressure Use these affordable oil-free pumps to provide convenient vacuum throughout the lab. Welch WOB-L piston pumps provide adjustable vacuum for filtration, SPE, vacuum ovens, and more. These pumps are an efficient alternative to water aspirators. Select...

  • Accessories For Duo Seal Pumps

    DUOSEAL pump oil with low vapor pressure, ideal viscosity is recommended for use with DUOSEAL or any other belt-driven vacuum pump. No additives or inhibitors. Exhaust filters trap oil mist and reduce noise. Replaceable elements reduce maintenance costs.

  • Aspirator Filter Pumps

    Humboldt Aspirator Filter Pumps offer excellent performance for vacuum filtrations under both high and low water pressure conditions. The pumps feature a ball-type, positive-action valve in the suction tube which prevents water backflow if the pressure is reduced.

  • Utility Vacuum Pumps

    Standard Duty Handy Welch pump is perfect for basic lab vacuum operations. Dry or aqueous vapors only, portable, vacuum or pressure, 115V

  • Legato 101 Infuse Only Dual Syringe Pumps

    Accommodates syringes 0.5ul to 10ml. User definable flow rates with selectable target volume or time values to control the total infusion volume. Features : Holds one or two syringes from 0.5ul to 10ml High resolution color touch screen Unparalled ease of use Touch pad "lock" feature LED...

  • Vacuum Aspirator Collection System

    This compact, portable system is ideal for vacuum aspiration of a variety of liquids, including tissue culture media, supernatants, and chemical wastes and is available with the original strength or HiFlow pump. Self-contained system with 1.0 gallon bottle, tubing and vacuum pump is lightweight,...

  • Accessories for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps - Placeholder Image

    687010 and 687011 used with RC6, RZ2.5, RZ6, RZ9 662511 is used with RC6, RZ2.5 and RZ6 662518 is used with RZ9 698000 is used with RZ2.5 698003 is used with RZ2.5 and RZ6 698007 and 698017 is used with RZ9

  • BestValueVac® Vacuum & Degassing Chambers

    This is a complete BestValueVac® vacuum chamber setup designed built and 100% tested in Chicago, Illinois. With our unique patent pending gasket design (Utility Patent #14/533,548) this chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. The gasket itself is reversible...

  • BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Culture

    The new family of BVC fluid aspiration systems are the first to account for the needs of a modern Biology laboratory. Three models: Basic, Control and Professional to serve your fluid aspiration needs Containment: 2 or 4 liter vessels for safe collection and disposal of your biological waste; an...

  • EZ-Swap Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Mist Filters

    SMF-010: EZ-Swap Vacuum Pump Exhaust Oil Mist Filter with KF25 Fittings Our new EZ-Swap series vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filter is re-designed to allow you to exam and replace filter element in a snap. Built-in observation window gives you easy visual access to filter element without opening the...

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Two Stage: Produces 25 micron ultimate Pressure                          Rotary Sliding Vane: Provides 85 liter per minute (3cfm) capacity and operates quietly Direct Drive: Reduces space needed Gas Ballast:...

  • Silicone-Free Vacuum Greases

    Excellent vapor pressure and low outgassing properties; for contamination-free use and better vacuums Silicone-free- no migration or contamination Excellent lubrication Easy application and cleaning Stable, chemically inert and non-toxic; fully compatible with most modern vacuum components APIEZON H...

  • Thermocouple Vacuum Gage

    Portable, lightweight thermocouple vacuum gauge with recorder output (0-10VDC) for monitoring vacuum pressure. Single station model 1515 has a range of 0-5000 mtorr. Supplied with one permanently attached probe cable and one gauge tube.

  • PILOT5000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

    Model PILOT5000 and PILOT5000C-02 diaphragm vacuum pump are durable and chemical resistant. All contact surfaces are PTFE coated. They come with a liquid inlet trap and vacuum regulator making it a perfect choice for vacuum filtration, desiccation, and other mid-range vacuum applications. The...

  • Exhaust Filters

    Filters trap exhaust oil mist and reduce pump noise. They are supplied with housing and replaceable filter.

  • DirecTorr Gold Pump Oil

    DirecTorr Gold oil is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil put through a double molecular distillation process. Gold oil is extremely stable under high temperature, has excellent resistance to chemical attack and provides superior protection for the pump's internal metal components. Recommended for...

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