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  • SDC Benchtop Temperature Controllers

    Product Highlights Affordable and compact Compatible with a wide range of heaters andapplications Easy-to-use programmable digital controller, self contained, plug and play design Specifications Small Unit Size: 5.5 in L x 4.25 in W x 1.75 in H (140 mm L x 108 mm W x 45 mm H) On-Off...

  • Digital Temperature Controller

    Electrothermal (Cole-Parmer)

    Ensures accurate temperature control 3-digit LED 1°C resolution Temperature range: -10 to 800°C Resistance thermometer probe senses the temperature of a medium that is being heated. Required temperatures are programmed into the unit using the directional controls on the easy-to-use control...

  • Digital Temperature Controllers, Controller Only

    Economical temperature controller for applications that do not require the precise temperature (± 0.1°). Auto tune PID process controller for use with Chemglass oil baths or mantles up to 5L. Controller has 1500 watts of power and will control temperatures to ± 1.0°C.

  • SDX Digital PID Temperature Controllers

    BriskHeat’s SDX Digital PID Temperature Controller, is a cut above the competition. This affordable, compact benchtop controller is ideal in a laboratory environment. Its smaller size makes it easy to move and set up wherever it’s needed. Universal voltage from 100 – 240 VAC with a...

  • Temperature Sensors, Microprobe, T, J or K Thermocouple

    Flexible, immersion or implantable microprobes, Type J, K, and T (for low temperatures). Three foot long wire lead, isolated electrically, is PTFE covered and can be assembled into septum, etc. using needle supplied. Maximum operating temperature of microprobe is 150 degree C .

  • Temperature Controller, Time Proportional, 2 Outlet

    Compact, lightweight time proportional digital controller²for use with type J temperature probes with a male SMP/OST²plug. Controller has two 120vac front outlets (1800 watts²total from either outlet or in combination) ideal for two²circuit heating mantles and one rear alarm outlet. Features²include...

  • Temperature Controller

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Accurate liquid temperature control Built in retort fitting and probe holder Detachable temperature probe Bright, easy to read LED display Compact and light weight Comprehensive range of accessories The Stuart SCT1 temperature controller is the ideal instrument for the accurate temperature control...

  • Temperature Controller, J-Kem®, Model HCC

    The J-KEM® Scientific HCC controller is designed to power large scale equipment such as 50L to 100L heating mantles. Designed with the same safety features as the Model 270, the HCC incorporates a 100 hour digital timer to turn heating on or off. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONTROLLER REQUIRES ONE DUAL...

  • Digital Temperature Monitors

    Temperature monitor features a built in audible alarm, Type “T” or “K” thermocouple receptacle, and a bright LED display for easy viewing. The monitor is contained in a compact stainless steel cabinet with a side-mounted clamp for securing to a 1/2” diameter support...

  • Temperature Controller, J-Kem®, Type "T"

    The J-Kem® Scientific microprocessor based temperature controller is for use with the CG-1966 and CG-1967 pilot plant reactors. The Model 260 disconnects all output power if the process temperature exceeds the entered temperature by a user-specified amount, or following recovery from a power...

  • Temperature Sensor, J Type

    Type J temperature probes provide economical measurement from -20 degrees C to 550 degrees C. Probes available sheathed with stainless steel, inconel or simply insulated wire. Code -26 extension will allow the use of a controller up to 8 feet away. See code -27 for extra mini plugs.

  • Temperature Controller, Economy Model

    Economy Model, compact, digital temperature controller. 16 segment ramp and soak, fuzzy logic, auto tune PID controller. One T, K, or J type sensor input. One 120V output. Temperature range varies by thermocouple type. Control accuracy -plus - minus 0.1 Degree C. Absolute accuracy of plus-minus 0.25...

  • Thermocouple, J type, general use

    Type J, 24 gauge iron constantan thermocouple wire, PTFE insulated with bare junction bead. Supplied in 1.8 meter lengths, longer lengths available. Ends are bare for hook-up. For general use, pyrometers, controllers, etc.

  • Thermocouple Sensor, Julabo, Pt100

    Julabo Pt100 sensors in stainless steel or PTFE coated stainless

  • Temperature Sensors, K & T type

    Type K temperature probes provide economical measurement from -20 degrees C to 550 degrees C with more corrosion resistance than J type probes. Type T probes are commonly used for temperature ranges from -200 degrees C to 200 degrees C. Probes available with an inconel sheath or insulated wire. Code...

  • Temperature Controller

    Temperature controller ideal for two circuit mantles or general use. Features two front mounted outlets, 16 segment ramp and soak function, fuzzy logic auto tune PID, type 'J' thermocouple, dual 4 digit LED display, universal TC jack for "mini" or "standard" plugs. Unit is downsized, compact and...

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