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  • E-Pure Replacement Cartridge Kits

    LabStrong cartridges are comparable to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead cartridges. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. The LabStrong water purification cartridge is used with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead B-Pure*, E-Pure*, NANOpure*, NANOpure II and NANOpure Quad...

  • Nanopure Infinity Reagent Grade Water Systems

    Can be wall or bench mounted Micro controlled purity monitor LCD shows resistivity, conductivity or TDS Programmable setpoint alerts user to change cartridges Four individual cartridges are available for all applications. Standby mode recirculates water for ten minutes every hour to maintain purity....

  • Lab Towers


    Consistent water quality Type 2 laboratory water meets ASTM Type II, CSLS-CLRW and ISO 3696 international standards The LabTower is designed to continuously recirculate purified reservoir water to preserve water quality even during periods of inactivity Compact mobile design Two system options with...

  • GenPure Systems

    All GenPure systems exceed international standard ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1, ASTM D1193 and CLSI-CLRW Integrated feed water monitoring An additional measuring cell monitors feed water conductivity. Any exceeding of the limiting value is immediately displayed maximizing cartridge life Online TOC...

  • Deionizer Cartridges

    Choose from an array of Thermo Scientific™ Deionizer Cartridges based on your application needs. These cartridges are for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Bantam™, B-Pure™ or Nanopure™ water purification systems.

  • Nanopure® Water System Accessories - Placeholder Image

    Remote Dispenser attaches easily to the Nanopure® system and allows water to be delivered up to 8 feet away from unit. Design virtually eliminates any dead volume and the coiled tube allows for easy use while taking up a minimal amount of space. Printer provides paper documentation of the unit being...

  • Micropure Systems

    Smart Features Backlit display tilts for easy viewing. Variable speed dispensing Optional integrated 6L feed water reservoir so you can place the system without direct access to a water line Monitor feed water quality Good feed water quality leads to consistently ultrapure water and a longer...

  • Smart2Pure Systems

    Powerful performance Based on your requirements, choose from capacities of 3, 6 or 12L/hr Lasting economy Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop quick connects for fast replacement. Module 1 - Combination of pretreatment and the reverse osmosis membrane M odule 2...

  • Vivaflow 200


    Vivaflow 50 and 200 systems are ready-to-use ultrafiltration modules for crossflow filtration of samples up to 5 Liters. These novel systems offer a standard of ease of use, performance, flexibility and economy which is unrivaled by any laboratory or pilot scale filtration system in the market....

  • IWT Ion Exchanger Universal II

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    Universal II, IWT Ion Exchange Cartridges. Convenient, economical, high quality modular water filtration systems which operates on city water pressure and can be easily be expanded to fit most lab needs. No electricity required. Up to 18 megohm water quality can be achieved with these cartridges....

  • Progard® T3 Pretreatment Pack

    For optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis membranes. Used with Milli-Q® Direct systems.

  • arium® bagtanks

    The pure water is stored in the innovative, closed arium® bagtank system. Here, the prepared pure water is securely protected from secondary contamination. The Sartorius bagtank system enables consistent water quality over an extended period, thereby providing for long-term, reproducible...

  • Algeacide Cleaner - Placeholder Image
  • Nanopure Water System Cartridge Kits - Placeholder Image

    Each cartridge kit includes one 0.2 micron absolute final filter.

  • Cartridge Kits for Nanopure II® and E-Pure™ Systems

    For HPLC, TOC, BOD analyses or other applications sensitive to even low levels of organics, kits with the organic-free cartridge are suggested Organic-free kits are designed to provide 18.3 megohm-cm resistivity type 1 reagent grade water with less than 20 ppb TOC carbon PCS style cartridges in kit...

  • Merit Water Still, W4000

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Economic price Glass construction with long life metal heating element Two independent safety thermostats Wall mountable The Merit is the ideal choice for budget conscious laboratories that can't afford to compromise on quality. It combines economy and high performance with a host of other...

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