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  • Handheld Fluorometer

    Handheld chlorophyll fluorescence sensor for one-handed operation, with irradiance (PAR) and leaf temperature sensors. Includes Portable datalogger, carry strap, integrated battery charger and USB cablek, User Manual and software. 110-240v power supply. Handheld Fluorometer Features Designed for...

  • Accessories for 62 Series Fluorometers

    Fluorimeter Heated Cell System The electrically heated cell holder with its digital control unit ensures samples are always at the same temperature, decreasing the variance. Control the rate of your enzymatic reactions and other experiments requiring superior minimization of variance. The heated...

  • Classic Fluorometer, USB Benchtop

    Chlorophyll fluorescence sensor with 3 m cable, for benchtop use, water resistant to 3m/10ft. Includes rugged interface box, USB cable, 110-240v power supply, User Manual and software. Can be operated remotely with a 12-24VDC power supply. Chlorophyll fluorometer for plant physiology and chlorophyll...

  • Quantech Fluorescence Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis
  • Shutter Fluorometer

    Shutter Fluorometer for automated chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Includes one shutter sensor and Submersible Datalogger (regular battery pack). Water resistant: 50m/165ft. Interface box, 110-240v power supply, 3 m cable, User Manual and software. Measures F/Fm' and Fv/Fm Measures F using...

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