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  • Abbe Refractometer

    Vee Gee Scientific

    The VEE GEE Model C10 Abbe Refractometer is an excellent instrument for the Refractive Index (nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, & film. Easy to Use Operation consists of placing a sample on the prism; while looking through the eyepiece, the control knob is turned until the shadowline is...

  • Automatic Digital Refractometers

    RX-5000 AND RX-5000α Sophisticated yet easy to use Genuine sapphire prism Large display screen Multiple scales Measures in Refractive Index, Brix or one of five user set scales. Unit is fully programmable through any standard PC. Programming allows for multi-level scales. The menu-driven LCD...

  • Pal-10s Urine Refractometer

    IP65 dust and water protection Automatic Temperature Compensation The PAL-10S is a digital, hand-held refractomer for measuring the specific gravity of urine. Simple to operate, just place a drop of urine on the prism, press the start key and the result is displayed instantly.

  • Laboratory Digital Refractometers

    Measures concentrations in Brix, salinity, refractive index and clinical parameters Full scale accuracy of ±0.2% using CCD scanner (= linear scanned array imaging) technology Reads samples as small as 0.4 ml Measurement results, unit of measure and sample temperature are all displayed on the large...

  • Digital Refractometers for Wine/Grape Measurements (% Brix & Potential Alcohol)

    The MA884 is optical instrument that is based on the measurement of the refractive index of a solution. The measurement of refractive index is simple and quick and provides the vintner an accepted method for sugar content analysis. Samples are measured after a simple user calibration with steam...

  • Digital Refractometers for Seawater Measurements

    The MA887 is an optical instrument that employs the measurement of the refractive index to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater, ocean water or brackish intermediates. The digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and is easily...

  • AR 200 Digital Hand Held Refractometer

    Benchtop precision and accuracy in a portable instrument Automatic Temperature Equilibration Automatic Temperature Compensation Multi-Point calibration User programmable scales CE Approved State-of-the-art Leica AR 200 portable automatic digital regractometer measures refractive index or % solids as...

  • Abbe 5 Refractometer

    Bellingham & Stanley

    The Abbe 5 is an affordable refractometer ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low. The instrument is also ideal for practical demonstrations and experiments in...

  • Laxco™ Handheld Analog Brix/Sucrose Refractometer

    Description Refractometers have been used for measuring the concentration of solutions for more than a century. Their primary purpose is to measure the degree at which light bends as it passes through a medium and is used in a wide range of applications and industries as a quality control and...

  • PAL Pocket Refractometers

    Lightweight, inexpensive instrument with excellent accuracy Wide Brix measurement range Fast, 3-second response Automatic Temperature Compensation Waterproof (IP65) protection Easily measures Brix value of liquids from only two drops of sample with the same accuracy as more expensive instruments....

  • Digital Pocket Refractometer PAL-Bx/Ri

    Digital hand-held pocket refractometer, type PAL-Bx/Ri has/measures: A dual scale Refractive Index (Nd) 1.3306-1.5284 and Brix 0.0-93.0% Automatic accuracy +/- 0.0003 And +/-0.1% Brix Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Ambient temperature 4-45°C IP 65 Water-resistant

  • Pal-Maple Pocket Refractometer

    The PAL-maple has a wide brix range (0-85%) and Automatic Temperature Compensation. Designed with a water resistant feature, the PAL-maple can be washed under running water.

  • Master Series Hand-Held Refractometers

    IP65 water-resistant properties Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Analog Easy-to-read The Master-α offers smooth sampling with easy disposal of sample from the edge. It features a streamlined body and the textured rubber grip makes it easy to handle and guards against the users body...

  • BRIX Refractometer

    LW Scientific

    The optical BRIX Refractometer from LW Scientific measures sugar content in liquids, such as wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, milk, colostrum, and yeast cultures. It can be used in the lab or in the field, simply by putting a few drops of liquid onto the prism and reading the scale under...

  • RFM700-M Refractometers

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Refractometers for Food and Beverage Applications RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can also be used in many other non-food applications where temperature control is not required,...

  • Pal Pocket Refractometers-Salinity

    PAL-03S is for Sodium chloride (g/100g) PAL-04S is for Sodium chloride (S.G.)

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