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Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • KLEENEX® Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturizers

    Scott® Pro provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. Providing the right, hygienic supplies in the restroom is a priority for businesses – it shows your staff and visitors that you care enough to provide what they need. By providing Scott® Pro Hand Soap,...

  • Kresto® Extra-Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    An extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt. Contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, a safe solvent and the patented ingredient EUCORNOL®, which improves skin compatibility. Extra heavy-duty cleanser for tough soils such as grease, oil, ink and carbon black...

  • Scott® Essential Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer (12979), Clear, Unscented, 1.2 L Cassette for Electronic Dispenser, 2 / Case

    Scott Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Did you know that the average school desk is home to than 20,000 germs? You can help keep little hands cleaner with Scott Essential Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Foam. Because it’s free of alcohol, fragrance and...

  • Solopol® Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

    Solvent-free hand cleaner for medium to heavy-duty dirt and soils. Contains a biodegradable all-natural scrubber. For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt 100% solvent-free Excellent skin compatibility Contains all-natural walnut shell scrubbers SOLOPOL® is a completely...

  • KLEENEX® Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer

    Scott Pro provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. Did you know that 98% of workers are affected by minor illnesses each year? Not only that, an estimated 80% of infectious illnesses are spread through hands and surfaces. You can help reduce the risk by using Scott Pro...

  • Afia™ Ocean Mist Foaming Hand Cleaner

    National Chemical Laboratories

    Afia™ OCEAN MIST Foaming Hand Cleaner enhances the experience of washing your hands. A rich lathering foam that efficiently cleans, then rinses out easily to leave hands clean and refreshed. Afia™ OCEAN MIST Foaming Hand Cleaner is biodegradable and formulated for sensitive skin by...

  • Scott® Essential (formerly Kleenex) Gentle Lotion Skin Cleanser (91556), Floral, Pink, 1.0 L, 6 Packages / Case - Same Kleenex® quality, now Scott® branded

    Scott® Essential (formerly Kleenex) provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Scott® Essential (formerly Kleenex) Gentle Lotion Skin Cleanser creates a rich, creamy lather your washroom guests will love. This pink soap is easy to rinse clean and has a pH balanced...

  • KLEENEX® E-2 Foam Skin Cleanser

    Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Scott Control provides enhanced hygiene solutions for critical environments. When staying clean and hygienic is a top priority, it’s smart to use a product that makes it easy. Scott Control E-2 Antiseptic Foam Skin Cleanser contains 1.75% PCMX and is rated by the National Sanitation Foundation...

  • GOJO® RICH PINK™ Antibacterial Lotion Soap

    A high-performance, gentle antibacterial lotion soap. For cleaning light soils. GOJO® PRO™ TDX™ 2000 mL Refill GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refills lock out germs Fresh dispensing valve with each refill Refills are easy to load, store and handle Portion control helps reduce waste

  • ACL Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion

    ACL Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion's static dissipative formula moisturizes the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap in the electronics manufacturing industry.  This non-acidic, non-fragrant formula will not contaminate work surfaces, leaving EPA work areas ESD safe....


    National Chemical Laboratories

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  • Kresto Kwik-Wipes®

    Textured wipes for quick cleaning of dirt, grease and grime. No rinsing required. For quick cleaning of dirt, grease and grime when a sink is not available Textured wipes to aid in removing ground-in dirt For use on skin, also great for tools and other surfaces KRESTO® KWIK-WIPES® are...

  • Scott® Essential Golden Lotion Skin Cleanser (91437)  1L

    Scott® Golden Lotion Skin Cleanser is scientifically formulated with protein emollient moisturizers. This rich hand soap removes light soils from the skin.

  • GOJO® E2 Foam Sanitizing Soap

    A one-step foaming handwashing and sanitizing soap for the food processing industry. Listed with NSF International as an E2 for use in all departments of USDA-regulated food processing environments. Exceeds the chlorine equivalency standard set by NSF for sanitizer status. Effective against common...

  • Kleenex® Instant Gel Hand Sanitizer (93060), Citrus Scent, 8 OZ Pump Bottle, 12 / Case

    Keeping employees healthy is a top concern for any business owner - and it should be as many as 72% of workers say that they come to work when feeling under the weather. By providing Kleenex® Instant Hand Sanitizer to your staff and guests, you're helping reduce the risk of spreading germs....

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