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  • Thermocouple TC746X1A - Placeholder Image
  • Door Switch Swx163 - Placeholder Image
  • Element Side Assembly 120+240V - Placeholder Image
  • GOJO® Premium Foam Handwash with Skin Conditioners

    Provides rich, thick lather for a luxurious handwashing experience. Gentle on skin. Pleasant cranberry fragrance. Translucent purple color.

  • Thermocouple, Type K TC1165X1
  • PROGUARD® Professional Hand Cream

    PROGUARD® Professional Handcream combines emollients to rehydrate your dry, chapped hands with a barrier film that seals in the moisture, seals out the problems! Formulated specifically for demanding lab use, PROGUARD® is particularly valuable in guarding against irritation from constantly...

  • At-Home COVID-19 Nasal RT PCR Test, FDA Authorized (Home-Collected)

    FDA AUTHORIZED AT-HOME TEST KIT: The empowerDX COVID-19 Nasal PCR Test has an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). empowerDX's laboratories are CLIA certified and CAP accredited. This at home PCR test is not for severe symptoms and not for those under 3 years of age. PAIN FREE PCR NASAL SWAB:...

  • -5/60 G/ML ASTM SOIL

    -5/60 G/ML ASTM SOIL

  • GOJO® Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner

    A mild, biodegradable foam soap formula certified by Green Seal™ and EcoLogo® to meet their joint standard (GS-41/CCD-104) for hand cleaners and hand soaps. The certifications mean that the product has been thoroughly evaluated by these unbiased, third-party organizations and meet...

  • KLEENEX® Green Certified Foam Skin Cleanser

    Scott® Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Keeping your staff and guests healthy is a clear priority for any business owner, especially since up to 72% of employees report that they come to work when they’re feeling under the weather. By providing...

  • Thermometer LG -30 to 120°F TOT BL 6OMA

    Thermometer LG -30 to 120°F TOT BL 6OMA

  • Biotain PC 10L St Ea

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Biotain PC 10L St Ea

  • EZ1 Investigator kits (48 reactions)

    For automated purification of DNA from 1–6 or 1–14 forensic and human identity samples per run More efficient yields from trace casework samples Higher signal-to-noise ratios “Tip dance” protocol for processing solid material Optional TE elution and use of carrier RNA The EZ1...

  • Micro Hot Plate Thermolyne - Placeholder Image
  • Relay Solid State 240V 25A
  • Thermocouple Assembly RPO - Placeholder Image
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