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  • Static Tip, Loctite, 5.3sq, 24el, 10/pk
  • SecureSeal™Adhesive Film for Microplates

    Simport adhesive sealing films reduce sample-to-sample or well-to-well contamination and/or spill over. SecureSeal™ is economically priced and has the differential advantage of perforated end tabs and a multiple split backing which allow for easier and more accurate positioning and more secure...

  • Scienceware® Super Glue

    Cyanoacrylate adhesive Bonds virtually all surfaces, including wood, leather, glass, metals, ceramics, rubber and most plastics. A single drop of fast-setting Super Glue provides an amazingly strong repair or assembly joint. Solvent free, it needs no catalyst or heat. Colorless and transparent when...

  • Thermometer Strips

    Globe Scientific

    Thermometer Strips, self-adhesive, graduated in both Fahrenheit (90°-100°F) and Celsius (32°-38°C), 500 strips/roll.

  • Hitachi M4 Thread - Placeholder Image

    Electron Microscopy Sciences
  • 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive

    Strong, contact-type adhesive for heavy-duty bonding. Adheres to wood, plastic and metal. 1 minute dry time. Variable spray width for precise application.

  • Dow Corning Adhesive, 3-6751, Gray 1kg Kit - Placeholder Image
  • Carbon Adhesive Tabs - Placeholder Image

    Electron Microscopy Sciences
  • GDS Adhesive Sheets BioControl

    Each sealing film measures 79.4 x 139.7 mm and offers sufficient sealing area for all PCR plates. Length between the perforations with end tabs removed is 125.1 mm. Storage: room temp Legal Information: PIPETMAX is a registered trademark of Gilson, Inc

  • Adhesive Polyurethane Film Dressing

    Molnlycke Health Care US

    Mepore Film is a transparent self-adhesive film dressing ideal as secondary fixation dressing and as primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore Film's application system is designed for ease-of-use. Mepore Film provides a flexible, transparent covering to protect the wound, while...

  • GDS Adhesive Strips BioControl

    Each sealing film strip is 19.0 x 97.3 mm, including two removable positioning tabs. The long dimension with tabs removed is 76.2 mm. Storage: room temp

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