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  • Midget Impinger, Bubbler with Ace-Threds on Inlet/Outlet

    Used for sampling air volumes at low jet velocity. Bottle joint is 24/40. Stopper uses #7 Ace-Safe removable hose connections for easy connect/disconnect. Impinger nozzle calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12") H2O vacuum. Bubbler nozzle has sintered glass filter, porosity A...

  • SAS Super 100 & 180 Microbial Air Samplers

    The SAS Super 100 & 180 microbial air samplers are the top choices of the world's leading pharmaceutical and food companies, as well as numerous governments around the world for detection of microbial contamination and air quality testing. Featuring a powerful, high volume air flow of 100...

  • Imhoff Cone, Sedimentation

    Imhoff sedimentation cone for the determination of settleable matter in water. Either blunt tip or Ace-Thred tip for environmental applications. Graduated from 0-2ml in 0.1ml divisions, 2-10ml in 0.5ml divisions, 10-40ml in 1ml divisions, 40-100ml in 2ml divisions.

  • Air Sampling Accessories

    Accessories for MD8 air sampling devices

  • Tedlar® T.O. Plus Air/Gas Sampling Bags

    Environmental Sampling Supply

    The ESS Air Sampling Bag incorporates a two opening system for sampling and extraction. The side port/stem (3/16" OD) allows filling with a pneumatic pump and tubing, and for rapid emptying of the bag. The top of the valve is

  • Impinger, Air Sampling

    A high velocity impinger (Ref. AGI-4) which passes 12.3 to 12.6L/min. (corrected to engineering standard gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg or greater. Stopper fits 24/25 125ml bottle and features a 11mm OD center tube, 8mm OD side arm with bulge, 0.05in capillary...

  • Midget Impinger

    Impingers used for sampling small air volumes at low velocities. Bottle with 24/40 stopper joint is available in 25 or 30ml sizes. The stopper is available with an open nozzle or one calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12in) vacuum. The stopper inlet is available as an open tube end,...

  • Air Sampling Sweep Elbow

    Sweep elbow, available with one end threaded, the other end reduced for use with 7506 bushing or both ends threaded for use with either 7506 bushing or 5841 coupling.

  • Ammonia Test Paper

    Micro Essential

    Hydrion Ammonia Meter Test Paper is designed and calibrated to measure the amount of ammonia in air in parts per million wherever there may be actual or potential ammonia pollution. The color chart has matches at 0-5-10-20-50-100ppm. The Hydrion Ammonia Test Kit is especially useful where large...

  • MD8 Air Samplers

    The MD8 series of air samplers are monitoring devices combined with novel filtration systems for the exceptional recovery of airborne microorganisms. MD8 AirScan: (Integrated) Quantitative detection in sterile areas such as clean rooms/RABS, isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines. AirPort MD8:...

  • BTIS: Filters Change Indicators Stickers

    Filters Change Indicators Stickers for Acids, Aromatic diisocyanates, Basic Vapors, Halogens, Hydrazine, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercury and Methyl Ketones. The Breakthrough (Saturation) indicators Stickers (BTIS) for ductless hood filters are colorimetric indicators that indicate the...

  • Chemware® PVDF Bags with On/Off Valve

    Flexible Non contaminating On/off valve closure Use for gas or liquid sample containment Heat-sealed seams for leak-proof operation Reusable bags made of 2 mil PVDF fluoropolymer film, Chemware® Gas Bags offer an economical alternative for analysis of non-corrosive gases. Durable, heat-sealed...

  • Impinger, Greenburg-Smith

    A high velocity impinger for the determination of dust concentration in air or other gases. Total volume is approximately 500mL. Bottle joint is 45/50. Inlet/outlet are 12.5mm O.D. Modified versions available with spherical joints both vertical for connecting in series. Available with or without...

  • BTI Inline: Filters Breakthrough Indicators Inline

    Filters Breakthrough Indicators Inline for Acids, Ammonia, Ammonia & Hydrogen Sulfide, Basic Vapors, Formaldehyde, Humidity, Hydrazine, Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercury. The BTI Inline is colorimetric indicator that indicate the saturation and exhaustion of carbon adsorbers and filters.The BTI...

  • Schlenk Tube, NO-AIR

    Schlenk style reaction tube for vacuum and No-Air applications. Available in many capacities, joint sizes and side arm configurations including a glass stopcock, 0-3 inlet valve or a 0-4 Hi-Vac valve.

  • Midget Impinger

    Unique impinger designed to be more economical when connecting in series eliminates need for connecting tubes.The 12/5 joints are perpendicular and come directly off bottle 180 degree apart. Screw cap on bottle has PTFE liner. Each bottle has one ball and one socket joint. Capacity 25mL. Bottle is...

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