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  • 96-Well Microtiter™ Microplates

    Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Microtiter Microplates are ideal for micro-volume applications such as storage, sample or reagent transfer, serial dilution, hemagglutination, blood typing and compliment fixation. For high-throughput screening and research Clear plates for colorimetric applications...

  • Mylar™ Plate Sealer for Microtiter™ Plates

    Protect microplate well contents with the Thermo Scientific™ Mylar™ Plate Sealer for Microtiter™ Plates, which assures a tight seal. Designed for use when sealing microtiter plates.

  • Finnpipette Finntips

    Thermo Scientific

    Advanced molding process prevents flash around tip and a perfectly centered opening Smooth uniform surface Convenient packaging Color-coded Fully autoclavable Optimal design with a smooth, clear, hydrophobic surface ensures complete sample dispensing and minimal liquid retention. Ribbed top ensures...

  • Cliniplates 96-Well Microplates

    Rigid microplate for EIA Non-sterile plates without lids Black and white versions available for immunoassay/fluorescent assays Compatible with all common instruments Raised wells avoid cross-contamination Standard raised radius well shape Cliniplates and Enhanced Binding Cliniplates offer excellent...

  • Microtiter Immunoassay Microplate Assembly

    Advance features ensure the reliability of Microtiter microplates. Plate features Immulon™ hydrophobic binding characteristics. Immulon 1 B offers consistent medium binding affinity for hydrophobic complexes and proteins. Immulon 1 B Removawell® assemblies are 1 x 8 or 1 x 12 strips with...

  • Plate Solid Strip Enhanced Binding F8 Bx50

    Solid strips have an Enhanced Binding (EB) surface which is a high binding, irradiated surface that provides increased binding affinity for hydrophobic proteins and complexes. Their format provides flexible use of components with small sample sizes Frame accommodates a maximum of 96 wells Patented...

  • Microtiter Plates

    Thermo Scientific

    Well shapes, colors and binding surfaces for a variety of applications Compatible with all standard instrumentation Rigorous quality control for superior consistency Three Immulon® binding surfaces available Microtiter plates are specifically designed for the demanding immunology requirements of...

  • Well Plate Accessories

    Thermo Scientific

    Effectively seal all microplate formats to minimize evaporation and protect samples from contamination and spilling, ensure a consistent, reliable seal with all microplate formats with this easy-to-use, handheld applicator, and get significantly quicker dry-down times than standard methods, and...

  • Cliniplates 384-Well Microplates

    Non-sterile plates without lids Faster reaction kinetics Compatible with automated and manual systems Rounded well improves mixing Less reagent use; less waste The Cliniplate 384 offers higher sample density, faster kinetics, less waste and lower reagent costs. Suitable for a wide range of...

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