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Professional Manual Micro-Manipulator Model FX-117

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This three axis micro-manipulator provides safe and efficient positioning of microtools.

All three vernier readings are graduated in 0.1mm increments. The X-axis, which holds the tool clamp with microtool, has an additional fine movement with 0.001mm graduations.

The FX117 employs rack and pinion drive, V-shaped guide ways and cross bearings, so movement is precise and repeatable. Contact parts are milled from hardened steel for optimum performance and long life. Design employs in-line control knobs clustered within a 8cm area in a single vertical plane resulting in quick and precise hand manipulation.

The stand , the FX117-01 has a dovetail adapter and mounting post. The optional adapter FX118-02 (Microtool holder) can also be used.


Movements X axis fine 10 mm travel 0.01mm graduations
  X axis 37mm travel 0.10mm graduations
  Y axis 20 mm travel 0.10mm graduations
  Z axis 25 mm travel 0.10mm graduations
Weight: 1.8 lb. 6.1 lb. with stand
Dimensions: 140 mm (H) 220 mm with stand
  100  mm (W) 145 mm with stand
  60mm (D) 165 mm with stand

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Micro-Manipulator Fx117 with Stand

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