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  • XYLITAG™ Xylene and Chemical Resistant Labels

    XyliTAG™ chemical resistant labels come in a roll format for printing with standard thermal-transfer (barcode) printers. The labels are constructed from a thin thermoplastic film and a permanent chemical resistant adhesive. XyliTAG™ labels printed with TC – class ribbons produce a...

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    Tamper Evident Label- “Warranty Void if removed” “Heavy” Label Packing List Label Yellow Pre-Wire Tags Mini printer labels 1 1/8  x 3 ½ Mini printer Label  2 5/16 x 4

  • Cryo-Lazr-Tag™ Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers, 1.75" x 0.5"

    Cryo-Lazr-Tag™ labels come in a sheet format for printing with desktop laser printers. The plastic waterproof labels are specifically designed to permanently adhere to vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers that will undergo long-term...

  • Laser Cryo-Babies/Tough-Spot Set

    Label Size: 1.28” x 0.50” with 0.375” spot (33 x 13 mm with 9.5 mm spot) Use: 1.5 mL tubes Sheet Layout: 4 sets across x 17 sets down Labels/sheet: 68 sets

  • Paper Labels

    Brady Worldwide

    Paper Labels with Permanent Rubber Adhesive (B-424) provide good contrast and smear resistance for thermal transfer and barcode printing applications. White matte paper label stock features permanent rubber adhesive. Low cost is ideal for all general-purpose labeling projects. Service temperature of...

  • Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags®

    Diversified Biotech

    Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® are formatted to easily work with the Dymo® Labelwriter®, but also work with most direct thermal printers. Quickly label your samples with sharp text, clear barcodes or a combination of both! TEMPERATURE-RESISTANT - From -196°C to 70°C and also freezable...

  • NitroTAG™ - Rectangle Labels for Barcode and Thermal-Transfer Printers, 1.25" x 0.25"

    Labels for liquid nitrogen storage Deep-freeze thermal-transfer labels for identification of vials, tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags (at -196°C in liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen, and -80°C freezers) and other containers. Designed for long-term biopreservation in laboratory...

  • I-Chem Custody Seals

    Custody seals provide a complete chain-of-custody and security with all sample containers. They cannot be removed without tamper evidence.

  • Pressure Sensitive Permanent Adhesive Labels

    These stock shipping, caution and handling labels draws the attention to your valued shipments. Featuring, a permanent adhesive for an aggressive adhesion to corrugated boxes, stretch film and mailers. Caution and handling labels help packages arrive safely. 500 LABELS PER ROLL - 3” CORE.

  • PetriStickers

    Diversified Biotech

    Stickers for labeling petri dishes PetriStickers allow for petri dishes to be labeled quickly, neatly and reliably. Made with water-resistant ink, substrate and adhesives and will remain firmly attached at temperatures from 42° to 4°C. Simply remove the label's protective backing and...

  • Cryo-Clear™ Laser Labels

    Diversified Biotech

    "The Choice is Clear!" Our patented Cryo-Clear™ Laser Labels withstand conventional and cryogenic storage conditions (vapor and liquid phase nitrogen storage at -196°C). The labels are chemically inert with a solvent resistant acrylic adhesive that will adhere to all plastics,...

  • 4x6 Direct Themal Labels - Placeholder Image

    Legacy Paper and Packaging
  • LABTAG™ Cryogenic Color Dot Labels for 1.5mL Microtubes (0.50")

    Ideal for identification of vials, plastic bags and other containers for long-term storage and color coding in deep-freezing and harsh laboratory environments. Temperature range from -196°C to +110°C

  • Cryo-ID-Kit™ Cryogenic Tags for Metal Racks

    Hanging tags for identification of metal racks for cryogenic storage. Cryo-ID-Kit™ includes plastic Cryo-Cards™ with connection hooks and thermal transfer cryo labels. The cryogenic kit can withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers. Tags can be...

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