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  • Thumbnail Image for Dulbecco's Modification of Eagle's Medium (DMEM)

    Corning cellgro

    Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle (BME) containing four-fold concentrations of the amino acids and vitamins found in BME. The original formulation was used to culture embryonic mouse cells and has since been modified to support a variety of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Traceable Giant Digit Timer


    View giant size digits on your bench timer from across the lab. Visible from shelves, in hoods, or perched on instruments. Eliminates “squinting” to observe alarm time remaining. Giant-Digits with 1-1/3 inch digit height Viewable from 50 feet Countdown and alarms on single channel for...

  • Thumbnail Image for Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    3M™ Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count (EC) Plates contain Violet Red Bile (VRB)  nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent, an indicator of glucuronidase activity,  and an indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. Most E. coli (about 97%)  produce...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Digital Stopwatch


    Traceable® Digital Stopwatch ( 8788T52) Precise, Traceable® timing for enzyme tests, viscosity measurements, animal studies, and other timed lab tests. Made for scientists in industrial, educational, hospital, and governmental labs who insist on the finest instrumentation. Engineered...

  • Thumbnail Image for m-FC Broth with Rosolic Acid


    Ready-to-use Millipore media solve numerous problems in microbiology laboratories where time, equipment and trained personnel are often in short supply. Millipore media are available in convenient, single test 2 mL plastic ampoules, eliminating the manipulation of glass ampoules and avoiding the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Three-Alarm Timer


    3 channels, plus memory Resolution is 1 second Accuracy is 0.01% Timing capacity: 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to 1 second Clock is provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable® certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates traceability to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Traceable® Water/Shock-Resistant Stopwatch


    Accuracy is 0.001% Resolution is 0.01 second Timing capacity is 24 hours Timing functions include single action, time-in/time-out, continuous timing and cumulative split. Stopwatch is provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory...

  • Thumbnail Image for Petrifilm™ Aerobic Count (AC) Plate

    3M Food Safety

    The 3M™ Petrifilm™ Aerobic Count (AC) Plate is a ready-made  culture medium system that contains Standard Methods  nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent and an indicator  that facilitates colony enumeration. 3M Petrifilm AC Plates are  used for the enumeration...

  • Thumbnail Image for Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    The 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate method is faster and easier than the traditional agar method that requires a five-day incubation period. Yeast and molds can grow in a wide range of conditions in raw materials, finished products and production environments, making them...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spore Ampoules with Geobacillus stearothermophilus


    Spore Ampoules are ideal for use in validation and routine monitoring of liquid steam sterilization cycles. Spore Ampoules are manufactured using hermetically sealed Type I borosilicate glass containing an exclusively formulated Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) modified with pH indicator, and Geobacillus...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas 3-Channel Alarm Timer


    Triple display Adjustable volume Adjustable alarm duration Memory recall NIST traceable certificate User-friendly timer displays three different times simultaneously, counts down and alarms. Three different tests may be run at the same time using three line display. Channels can be started...

  • Thumbnail Image for Clean-Trace™ NG Luminometer

    3M Food Safety

    With the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring System, you can be confident that you’ll see clean. Our easy-to-use handheld device and  three-step process make testing  simple. When combined with our cutting-edge software, it’s a complete system you can rely on. Our...

  • Thumbnail Image for Clip-On Timer

    Sper Scientific

    Dimensions, L x W x D, inches (mm): 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 (55 x 35 x 15) Weighs only 1 oz. Clips to keychain or belt loop Large buttons and LCD Compact and lightweight stopwatch is loaded with features including an alarm clock with variable 12/24 hour format, calendar, thermometer (°°) and a...

  • Thumbnail Image for DRB200 Digital Reactor Block


    Easy-to-use and fast The Hach DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor provides unique one-key operation. Programs for Hach procedures with digestion are preprogrammed into the instrument. And it’s fast—the block heats from 20 to 150°C in less than 10 minutes. Safe to operate The fully...

  • Thumbnail Image for Digital Timer, FT24


    Large 3/4” display 24-hour capability Adjustable volume alarm Bright red, flashing light; can be used w/o sound to signal end of cycle Unique start/stop button for easy access Unit counts down in second increments. Loud alarm and flashing light command attention. Memory feature automatically...

  • Thumbnail Image for Nutrient Pad Sets


    Nutrient pads are sterile pads impregnated with dehydrated culture media. Once they are moistened with 3.0–3.5 ml of sterile water they are ready to use immediately. Nutrient Pads reduce labor and simplify many microbiological testing procedures. May be safely stored at room temperature for up to 24...

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