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  • Square Cover Slips

    Cover slips are manufactured from Float Glass, #1 thickness (0.13 to 0.17mm). Sold in packages of 1oz.

  • Square and Rectangular Cover Slips
  • Gold Seal Cover Slips

    Thermo Scientific

    Moistur-Barrier™ Packaging Made from non-fogging, corrosion-resistant glass Thickness is controlled to the following tolerances: No. 0 is 0.085 to 0.13 mm; No. 1, 0.13 to 0.17 mm Lint-free plastic boxes with hinged lid. Cover glasses are packaged 1 oz. per box; case contains 10 boxes. Cases...

  • Cover Glass Rectangles

    Erie Scientific

    Quality and economy Cut from colorless micro sheet which is of the highest resistance to attack by moisture; free from lead oxide; remarkably free from brittleness and very flat Precision controlled thickness is obtained Conforms to Interim Federal Specification NNN-C-001434A Relative absence of...

  • Lifter Slips

    Thermo Scientific

    For use with hybridization solutions Easy to use Variety of uses Increase data quality Lifter slips offer a simple solution to the problem of hybridization non- uniformity. An innovative raised edge design provides separation and allows for even dispersal of hybridization solution between the DNA...

  • Round Cover Slips

    Bellco Glass

    Round Cover Slips, German Glass. Ideal for neural tissue cell cultures and hard-to-attach cells. Specially developed for fluorescence and confocal microscopy. #1 thickness.

  • Round Cover Slips

    Cover slips are manufactured from the highest quality borosilicate hydrolytic class 1 German glass. They have excellent resistance to chemicals and are ideal for neural tissue culture and hard-to-attach cells. These cover slips are exceptional for florescence and confocal microscopy. Sold in...

  • Cover Glass

    Manufactured from borosilicate glass with excellent clarity for microscopy use Available in both square and rectangular shapes Choose from three standard thicknesses: - No 1 (0.13 – 0.17mm) - No. 1½ (0.16 – 0.19mm) - No. 2 (0.17 - 0.25mm) Packaged in reclosable plastic boxes for protection during...

  • Thomas® Microscope Cover Glass

    Our Thomas® microscope cover glass is packaged: 1 oz per pack, 10 packs/box (10 oz). Each flip top pack contains a desiccant and is wrapped in aluminum to prevent sticking. Available in two thicknesses: No. 1: 0.14mm No. 1.5: 0.175mm Pack and Case: 1/Pk = 1 ounce 10/Cs = 10 ounces

  • #1.5 Corning 0211 Glass Square Cover Slips

    Cover slips are manufactured from Corning 0211 Float Glass, #1.5 thickness (0.16 to 0.19mm). Sold in packages of 1oz.

  • Cover Glass

    These 25x25 square No.1 Corning® cover glasses are made from boroslicate glass and are 0.13 to 0.16mm thick.

  • Thermanox Sterile Cover Slips

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Useful for most tissue culture applications Unbreakable Solvent-resistant Radiation sterilized Thermanox plastic is treated for optimum cell attachment and growth. Provides a very low gas permeability, but will exhibit low autofluorescence at the 300-500 nm wavelength and shows a background under...

  • Scienceware® Plastic Microscope Coverslips

    Flexible vinyl cover slips are packaged with interleaved tissue for protection. Provides a refractive index similar to glass Unbreakable, safer than glass Used in biological and medical labs as well as educational applications

  • Photoetch Coverslips

    25mm round coverslip is manufactured from #1 thickness (.13 to .16mm) Schott D263 german glass and is ideal for fluorescence and confocal microscopy. The coverslip has 200 alphanumeric locations in a diamond pattern and each measures 0.6 x 0.6mm with line thickness of .02mm. This coverslip fits into...

  • Rectangular Cover Glass

    Our microscope cover glasses are made of pure white borosilicate glass of the first hydrolytic class with an excellent chemical resistance and a very good flatness. Under the ultraviolet light of the fluorescence microscopy our cover glasses do not emit any disturbing fluorescence. Our cover glass...

  • Shur/Mount - Placeholder Image

    General Data Healthcare

    Liquid coverglass and mounting medium UV absorbent Xylene-based Low viscosity minimizes bubbling Shur/Mount mounting mediuum is Xylene based and specifically designed for automatic coverslipping insturments. Antioxidant prevents fading of stain over years of storage, UV absorbent to prevent...

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