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  • Coverslip: #1.5 Thickness (0.17 mm or 0.0067 in.)

    High quality coverslips glasses are essential for microscopy and imaging. Cover glasses with diameters of 5 mm and 8 mm are now available from stock in convenient packages of 100.

  • Thomas® White Glass Plain Microscope Slides

    Our Thomas® microscope slides are pre-cleaned and ready to use. Produced from the finest quality optical white glass Packed in high-quality white plastic boxes Dimensions: 25 x 75mm Thickness: 1mm Packaging: 72/plastic box, 20 boxes/case (10/gross) Transportation and storage conditions...

  • Frosted Glass Microscope Slides

    Frosted glass slides are standard 1" x 3" and 1mm-1.2mm thick. This slide has one sand-blasted end used for marking and identifying. Frosted area is 19 mm long. 72 slides per box.

  • Plain Glass Microscope Slides

    Standard microscope slides are 1" x 3" and are made from glass. They are approximately 1mm to 1.2mm thick. 72 slides per box.

  • Diamond™ White Glass Microscope Slides

    High quality Optically clear Made from chemically pure white glass sheets, the low iron content of these slides results in superior transparency, very low self-fluorescence and no color distortion. The glass is specially formulated for minimal oxidation, which ensures sample integrity during...

  • Small Diameter Coverslips

    Harvard Apparatus

    High quality coverslips glasses are essential for microscopy and imaging. Cover glasses with diameters of 5 mm and 8 mm are now available from stock in convenient packages of 100. Available in #1.0 (0.15 mm), #15 (0.17 mm) and #20 (0.22 mm) thickness Available in round, square and rectangular...

  • Superfrost® Plus & Colorfrost® Plus Microscope Slides

    The Thermo Scientific Superfrost Plus slides are made by a process that places a permanent positive charge on the slide. Tissue sections and cytological preparations adhere better to Plus glass slides without the need for labor intensive special adhesive or protein coatings. Plus slides virtually...

  • Slide Mailer, Cardboard, for 20 Slides - Placeholder Image

    Cardboard slide folder/mailer. Holds 20 standard sized microscope slides (25 x 75mm or 1 x 3"). Heavy duty cardboard. Finger slots for easy removal of slides. Folding lids have recessed slots to protect samples on slides. Index printed on lids to record details for each slide.

  • Single Concave Microscope Slides

    Single concave glass slides are ideal for studying live micro organisms because of a single depression well in the middle of the slide. The depression is 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm deep. Each microscope slide has ground edges, measures 1" x 3" and is 1mm to 1.3mm thick. 72 slides per package

  • Microscope Slides

    Process Clean Thickness 0.96 to 1.06 mm 5 or 10 boxes per case Packaged 72 slides per box 75 x 25 mm; thickness 0.96 to 1.06 mm 6686R18 slide has frosted marking surface on one end, on one side; 6686S18 slide is frosted on one end

  • LiveSlide® Microscope Slides

    Designed by a science teacher for educators, biological labs, research labs, medical labs and environmental testing, the LiveSlide® microscope slide is proving to have additional applications in the expansive world of science and microscopy. Never before has it been so easy to observe...

  • Superfrost® Plus Gold Slides

    No need for sprays or adhesives on slide Uses glass adhesive technology For use in histology, pathology and cytology Recommended for frozen tissue samples Slides have adhesive technology which first attracts and then chemically bonds fresh or formalin fixed frozen tissue sections firmly to the...

  • Slide Box for 25 Slides, Cork Lined, 5 Assorted Colors (Gray, Blue, Dark Gray, Orange and White) - Placeholder Image

    Storage box with hinged lid for up to 25 microscope slides. Fits: 25x75mm and 1x3" slides. Cork lined for added protection. Lined inventory sheet on inside cover for easy slide identification and organization. Made from durable ABS plastic. Available in assorted colors.

  • Microscope Slides, Diamond White Glass, 25 x 75mm, Charged, 90° Ground Edges, White Frosted, 72/Box, 20 Boxes/Case (10 Gross)

    Denville UltraClear™ is a super high quality line of slides that compares to German & Swiss made slides, but at substantial savings. Our slides are produced from water white glass sheets and are so clear. You will see the sample not the slide. Denville UltraClear™ microscope slides...

  • Poly-Prep Slides poly-L-lysine coated glass slides

    Application Glass slides coated with poly-L-lysine for tissue section adhesion in routine histological uses. Not recommended for cell culture or microarray applications.

  • Lab-Tek™ I Chamberslide Tissue Culture Slides

    Lab-Tek™ I Chamberslide Tissue Culture Slides are Sterile, Disposable Glass Slides with Detachable Chambers Soda-lime glass and Permamox plastic slide For microscopy of in situ cell culture Individual chambers can be used for different cell stains, can be subjected to separate treatment and...

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