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  • Disposable UV Cuvette

    A cost effective alternative to quartz UV-transparent Application between 220 nm and 900 nm Fits nearly all commercial photometers Superior chemical-resistance Disposable cuvettes are ideal for analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins, replacing expensive fragile quartz cuvettes. They eliminate the tedious...

  • Acrylic and Polystyrene Spectrophotometry Cuvettes

    BRAND plastic cuvettes are an excellent choice for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible range. Manufactured from polystyrene (PS), they provide accurate, reliable results, even at wavelengths as low as 300nm. BRAND plastic cuvettes are compatible with most spectrophotometers and...

  • Sample Cuvette, TDx, Glass

    Evergreen Scientific

    Sample cuvette for Abbott TDx™, 12 mm X 50 mm, borosilicate glass, natural color

  • Cuvette Caps, Square, Tight Fit, Cs.1000

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Polyethylene Fits most standard 10 mm cuvettes Flexible fins on 8495V27 caps allow tight fit with 10 mm cuvettes from most other manufacturers.

  • Thomas Square Spectrophotometer Cells

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Square, 10 mm Light Path Cells Outside dimensions approximately 12.5 x 12.5 x 46 mm high Light path: 10 mm, ±0.01mm Teflon® cover included Matched sets are supplied in cushioned storage box Cell bodies are of fused-wall construction Cells are usable in spectral range shown in listings...

  • Cuvette Standard Q Quartz Glass

    Reliable, Reusable Glass Cuvettes. The Standard Q macro cuvette with an optical path length of 10 millimeters is made of fused quartz glass and comes in a matching pair. For measurements in the ultraviolet and visible range with a wavelength between 200 nm – 2500 nm. Accuracy by design: To...

  • Thomas Methacrylate Cuvettes

    Disposable Methacrylate Cuvettes Convenient and affordable Save time with no cleaning required Prevents cross-contamination Useable in the range of 285 to 750 nm. Tight dimensional tolerances ensure high reproducibility from package to package. 10 mm path length; 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm outside...

  • Macro Fluorescence Cuvettes

    Disposable cuvettes with four optically clear sides from BRAND for use in fluorescence applications when results count.  Available in high quality polystyrene for measurements from 340nm to 800nm, as well as a proprietary polymer for precise measurements in both the visible and UV-range...

  • Standard Rectangular Quartz Cells

    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz windows, Useable range: 170 to 2700 nm Standard rectangular cells or Macro cells, Type 1, are the most common cells used in analytical chemistry. The exterior dimensions allow the cells to be used with virtually every spectrophotometer and photometer instrument...

  • 5 mm Diameter NMR Tubes

    Precision 5 mm diameter NMR tubes are made from quality Pyrex® borosilicate glass for compatibility with ground joints, valves, and vacuum racks. Made using precision bore tubing manufacturing techniques proven most reliable in NMR applications. A complete selection of tubes for all types of NMR...

  • Turbiquant® Empty cells

    Turbiquant® 1000 IR Empty cells

  • Spectroquant® Case


    Case for NOVA 30, NOVA 60 Spectroquant®

  • Disposable Universal Electroporation Cuvettes

    Our electroporation cuvettes are designed for use with bacterial, yeast, fungi, and mammalian cells. Product Details: Manufactured from high quality polycarbonate material Precision build Polished aluminum plates reduce static and arcing Compatible with most Electroporation devices Hermetically...

  • Spectroquant® Absorption tube

    Spectroquant® Absorption tube

  • Scienceware® In-Line Equilibrium Cell

    Five In-Line Cavities Each half cavity has a top opening for introduction or withdrawal of solutions and holds 1ml in each half cell. Clear acrylic construction with 7 stainless steel screws and wing nuts for clamping cells and dialysis membrane Cavity plug screws are Teflon® PTFE coated...

  • Cuvette Holder, Pk. 5

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Holds 12 glass, silica or plastic disposable cuvettes (external dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 mm) Permits easy viewing of solution color to be measured Helps prevent breakage Dimensions: Approximately 6 3/4 x 2 x 1/2”H

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