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  • 700 Series 5cc Syringe Barrel, Natural Color with White Wiper Piston

    700 series syringe barrel, 5cc, molded in polypropylene material. Syringe Color = Natural Piston = White Overall Length = 2.83" (71.9mm) Outside Diameter = 0.59" (14.99mm)

  • 1000 Series Gastight Syringes

    Teflon ® PTFE tipped plungers Replaceable barrels, plungers and tips mL sizes For use with liquids or gases. Features a precision-machined Teflon plunger tip which, when wetted, forms an interference fit with the inner diameter of the glass barrel, achieving the seal required for accurate...

  • Syringe 725Npt5 250ul (22S/2"/5)

    The 700 series syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.5 μL up to 500 μL. Stainless-steel plunger manufactured to fit the glass barrel with a tolerance smaller than 100 millionths of an inch, resulting in unsurpassed...

  • 1mL Tuberculin Syringes

    The BD™ Tuberculin syringe features bold, clear scale markings to assist in making easy and accurate dosage measurements. The thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control and is less threatening to patients. *Intended use for general purpose fluid aspiration/injection and NOT for...

  • Jar, SS, Amber, 4Oz, Phen, PTFE

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)
  • Aluminum Sealing Film

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    Soft and non-permeable, our 2.0 mil aluminum sealing foil offers optimum sealing for all PCR plates. Using a medical-grade acrylic adhesive, these foil seals are more durable than the thin 1.4mil aluminum films, and are better suited to longer term sample storage.  Soft and non-permeable, our...

  • Jar, SS, Clear, 4Oz, Phen, Pe

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)
  • Parafilm® Sealing Film

    Heathrow Scientific

    Moisture-proof film molds to surface Parafilm® M is a semi-transparent, flexible, thermoplastic film with two-way stretch. Non-toxic and free from plasticizers, primarily composed of polyolefins and paraffin waxes offering good resistance against acids, alkalis and some organic...

  • Syringe Oral 3mL Amber

    Amber oral syringes are designed to reduce the risk of medication dosing or administrative error, while meeting patient needs for all ages. 3 mL Amber Syringe with Tip Cap Syringes feature easy-to-read scale markings for accuracy Amber syringes meet USP requirements for photo-sensitive medications...

  • Parafilm M Sealing Film

    Pechiney Plastic Packaging

    Recommended for use in sealing culture tubes, flasks, petri dishes, etc., as it prevents culture media from drying out Pliable, self-sealing, moisture-proof, thermoplastic sheet material, substantially colorless Molds and seals itself tightly around test tubes, flasks and instruments and objects...

  • Jar, SS, Clear, 8Oz, Phen, PTFE

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)
  • Jar, SS, Clear, 6Oz, Phen, PTFE

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)
  • Jar, SS, Clear, 2Oz, Phen, Pe

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)
  • Syringe 1750Rncap 500ul (22 / .75"/3)

    These syringes are designed to work with Valco VISF-1 HPLC injection valves. They have PTFE plunger tips that create tight connection between syringe barrel and plunger allowing for liquid or gas sampling. Removable Needle (RN) - needles are removable and are a Hamilton-specific design Blunt needle...

  • BD™ Allergy Syringes

    OSHA standards require healthcare facilities to “reflect changes in technology that eliminate or reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens [1910.1030(c)(1)(iv)(A)]”. OSHA guidelines can be obtained from your local OSHA contact and professional associations. BD SafetyGlide™ allergy...

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