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  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing

    Saint-Gobain Tygon S 3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing Most consistently reliable tubing for laboratory applications Outstanding chemical resistance; non-oxidizing and non-contaminating Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results Smooth, polished inner wall The Only Choice for Phthalate-free...

  • 4mil Rollstock Tubing

    Liberty Film & Packaging

    C100 Cleaned Barefoot Plus LDPE Tubing 3" Plastic Core Double Bagged Certified Clean 500ft in length Clear

  • Tubing, Clear, Nylon, 2mil, Cleaned, Class 100 - Placeholder Image

    Tubing, Clear, Nylon, 2mil, Cleaned, Class 100, 1 roll each

  • Lattice Connectors

    These slotted lattice connectors are made of cast aluminum with a smooth round surface for connecting lattice rod supports for laboratory apparatus. These spherical designed connectors assure rigidity, solidity and freedom from breakage. The U-shaped slots on each side take standard ½ inch rod and...

  • Tygon® non-DEHP Medical  Microbore Tubing

    Clear, non-DEHP tubing that's rigid enough for easy handling, yet soft enough to reduce reduce puncturing. It can be fabricated into cannulas or protective sheaths using thermoforming and flaring techniques. Micro diameters are ideal for intravenous or intra-arterial infusion and minimally invasive...

  • Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System

    Kick Your Glass with Vactrap Foxx Life Sciences' Vactrap is the world's most advanced vacuum trap system. Ideal for protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, Vactrap safely contains waste from supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best...

  • Laboratory Grade Seamless Latex Rubber Tubing

    Smooth-walled, general purpose Excellent quality and durability Pure rubber latex, containing small amount of carbon pigment Made from virgin stock by the dip process Strong and very elastic, providing gas-tight connections Retains resiliency over long service life Natural color The tubing’s...

  • Pure Latex Amber Autoclavable Rubber Tubing

    Smooth-walled, semi-transparent Pure, natural, rubber latex Made by dip process from virgin stock Strong and highly resilient Uniformly cured for superior resistance to aging and oxidation This non-toxic, autoclavable tubing has the flexibility and chemical-resistance characteristic of natural...

  • Tygon® S3™ E-3603 Non-DEHP Tubing

    Phthalate-free Tubing for Food & Beverage Dispensing Tygon S3™ E-3603 from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is now phthalate-free. Saint-Gobain is proud to be among the first companies to offer sustainable, flexible tubing products. The bio-based Tygon S3 line combines the high...

  • Red Extruded Vacuum Tubing

    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    Flexible, smooth-walled vacuum tubing High-quality gum rubber Cartons contain 48 to 50 feet (14.6 to 15.2 m) of vacuum tubing. Listings indicate i.d. x o.d. x wall thickness in inches. Vacuum tubing is 10 ft per pack and 50 ft per carton.

  • Marprene Tubing - Placeholder Image


    Marprene is a long life thermoplastic elastomer with resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Marprene is highly resistant to oxidising agents such as ozone, peroxides and sodium hypochlorite. Colour/transparency Beige/opaque Spallation Fair Certification FDA regulations 21 CFR177.2600 for contact...

  • Thomas Rubber Tubing

    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    Strong, flexible, extruded rubber latex Ideal for general laboratory use Smooth walls are of uniform thickness; meets Federal Specification ZZ-T-831c, Types I, III, IV and V. Listings give i.d. x o.d. x wall thickness, in inches.

  • Vacuum Tubing


    Rubber Vacuum Tubing, NW 8, 1 meter

  • Tygon S3™ E-LFL Long Flexible Life Tubing

    Saint-Gobain Tygon S 3™ E-LFL Long Flexible Life Tubing Longest flexible life of any clear Tygon tubing Over 1,000 h pump tubing life at 0 psi Over 600 h pump tubing life at 10 psi Broad chemical resistance Extremely low particle spallation Contains no phthalate or BPA The Only Choice for...

  • Platinum-Silicone Tubing - Placeholder Image

    Platinum-Silicone Tubing, 0.5mm Bore x 1.6mm Wall, Size #112, 15M

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